What is the life expectancy of cats with kidney failure?

Kidney failure in cats is one of the most common and worrying diseases that our dear furry friends can have. And it is that when one or both kidneys begin to fail, regardless of the cause, the quality of life worsens.

And it can do it so much that it is inevitable to wonder what is the life expectancy of cats with kidney failure . Do you also want to know? Then you can find out.

What is kidney failure and what are the symptoms in cats?

It is a disease that can affect any animal that has kidneys, including people, dogs, and of course cats. Only one kidney, or both, can be damaged. In addition, it can appear suddenly or progress little by little . Unfortunately, when we already see symptoms these organs can already be very injured.

Two phases are distinguished:

  • Acute: is the one that appears in a matter of a short time (hours). It usually causes death early.
  • Chronic: it is the one that is getting worse little by little, allowing the animal to have an almost normal life.

The most frequent symptoms are : weight loss, dehydration, vomiting, increased water intake, apathy, lethargy, and in very serious cases death.

What is the life expectancy of cats with kidney failure?


It will depend a lot on the stage of the disease, as well as when the diagnosis was made and if you are receiving treatment . A cat with chronic renal failure that is being properly cared for and cared for, with periodic check-ups at the vet and who also receives affection, will have a longer life expectancy (of months or years) than another that is in the acute phase and that apart from that does not it is about.

As you can see, it is not something to be taken lightly . If the feline is sick, it must be taken for veterinary attention as soon as possible.




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