What is the ideal weight of the cat?

We love our cat, and we love him so much that sometimes we spoil him. We feed him treats for felines, we may even be unable to resist his tender gaze when he watches while we eat, and we end up giving him some of our food. I’m not going to deny it: I am something I do often in the morning. But you have to try to avoid it , because in the long run we could end up having an obese furry, especially if it is a very calm animal that does not like to exercise too much.

And by the way, have you ever wondered what the ideal weight of the cat is? Let’s know how to know if the cat is fat, and what we can do to get it back to its weight.

How to know if my cat is at your weight?

Each cat has its own ideal weight. In the case of race, we can find out if we look at the tab of the race in question, and then weigh our friend. But of course if it is a mongrel cat, how can you tell? It is also very easy: you just have to see it from above and from the side. 

  • If you are obese, your waist will not be visible, and your belly may “hang down”a little (or a lot, depending on your weight).
  • If you are at your normal weight, your waist will show, but not your bones. Its body will be elongated, more or less rectangular (looking at it from above).
  • If you are thin, your waist, ribs, shoulder blades will be marked a lot. Your life will be in serious danger.

How to get your weight back

Once we verify that the cat is overweight, or on the contrary, is very thin, the first thing we have to do is take it to the vet . Why? Because you should not change your diet, and less without knowing if you have any health problems. Only he can tell us if he has to switch to a specific feed or not, and how much he should eat.

Once at home, if you are obese, and whenever you can, we will make you exercise . In pet stores you will find many types of toys; Choose some (balls, stuffed animals or even laser pointer), and spend 5 minutes several times a day playing with it. Of course, we cannot give you any cat treats, since doing so would not lose weight 🙂.

On the other hand, if he is thin, we don’t have to give him a lot of food at one time; Instead, we will leave the trough full so that he can eat whenever he is hungry, unless he is very weak and does not want to or cannot eat, in which case we do have to give him the amount recommended by the veterinarian either by hand or with a syringe without a needle.



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