What is the Feliway and what is it used for cat?

Cats need to feel safe and stick to their routines, so some changes can literally get on their nerves. This state can lead to erratic, compulsive or destructive behaviors.

One of the best solutions to prevent this from happening is pheromone therapy. Read on to find out what the Feliway is and what it is used for, your cat will thank you.

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Pheromones and their role in the behavior of cats

The felines use their facial pheromones to interact with each other and define the territory in which they feel comfortable and safe. They tend to rub their heads against the elements of the environment, such as furniture or different corners of the home (they even do it with their family members!).

This is how they mark their habitat, their “safe” zone. However, changes of home, the arrival of new members, or any modification in these spaces or in their routines cause the kitten to become stressed, because he instinctively feels “in danger”.

How does a cat react to changes?

The response of a cat to these sensations may be different in each case:

  • Sometimes he can “forget” to poop or pee in his litter box.
  • Scratches on sofas and curtains are another sign of anxiety.
  • Another possibility is that he is more irritable and reserved.
  • Changes in your appetite (eating more or less than usual) is another sign that you are anxious.
  • You may also be tempted to hide and spend long periods out of human sight.
  • Fights are usually common, especially in the case that a new cat has been introduced into the house.

In short, what the kitten that behaves in this way is communicating to us is that something has disturbed the tranquility of its space. That’s when the Feliway can be of great use.

Specifically, what is the Feliway?

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone. This substance is similar to what cats release naturally. By spreading it, the environment that the feline recognizes as its own is recreated, relaxing it and avoiding those episodes of anxiety that alter its behavior.

The Feliway, in short, helps prevent or reduce the stress caused by changes in the pussy’s environment.


Feliway types

There are different formats of Feliway, which you can find in specialized stores. The main ones are:

Feliway spray

It is recommended for visits to the vet, trips, or temporary stays in residences for cats. This will help him to come with us without major problems, preventing it from being a trauma for him.

This option is also useful to avoid urine marking and scratches. You just have to apply the product in the areas where you do not want it to continue leaving a mark. By spraying on doors, window frames, and other walkways, you will also help your cat become familiar with the home.

This spray should be used on a daily basis. Remember to wait 15 minutes before letting the cat come near the sprayed area.


Feliway Electric diffuser

It is ideal for changes of home or important modifications within it, such as the arrival of a new cat to the family. Its use reduces the fights and collisions that usually occur between kittens.


This format is also effective during visits that cause discomfort in the feline. The diffusers have a range of 70 square meters and a duration of approximately one month. It is important to renew them so that they do not lose their effect.

Although the Feliway is not subject to veterinary prescription, it is highly recommended by specialists due to its high efficacy in these situations. Be attentive to its behavior before and after using it and you will see how the feline manages to feel much more comfortable, something that will undoubtedly affect its health and happiness.

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