What is the digestibility of cat food

The feeding of our furry is a very important issue, since its health will largely depend on the quality of the food we give it. For this reason, we are going to explain what the digestibility of cat food is .

This way you can easily distinguish those feed that have a good quality from those that do not.

What is the digestibility of a feed?

It is a criterion that expresses how much nutrients the body can absorb . After carrying out various dietary tests, it is possible to know, for example, what is the digestibility of crude protein (CP) or crude fat (GB). In this way, it has been shown that high quality feed can have a digestibility of up to 95%.

How to know if a feed is highly digestible or not?

What you have to do is not be fooled what is indicated on the package. I mean, sometimes you can find sacks of feed that are said to be very digestible, but then they are not. Why are they not? The answer is simple: because the cat’s body has not been able to absorb its ingredients – a lot of cereals and little animal protein – and it has expelled it in the form of feces that, in addition to being soft, usually have a yellowish color and give off an odor nauseating.

A high-quality feed, rich in animal protein (at least 70% of the total) is a feed that will be well absorbed and, therefore, the cat’s feces will be smaller, more or less hard and less fetid.

What are the benefits of highly digestible feed?


They are as follows :

  • Healthier and shinier hair
  • White teeth
  • Normal growth and development rate
  • Strong bones
  • Better mood

In addition, this type of feed, although they have a higher price (the kilo usually costs 3 to 10 euros), in the long run they come out on account since the animal needs less quantity to satisfy itself.


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