What is the Burmese cat like?

The Burmese cat is a beautiful, very affectionate furry that adapts without problems to living in flats or apartments, as long as its family dedicates clear time to it ūüôā.¬†A few play sessions a day combined with a few more pampering will make him the happiest animal in the world.

In addition, he can get along very well with both children and adults, so living with him is more than enough reason to smile every day. Find out what the Burmese cat is like .

Origin and history

The Burmese cat, also known as the Burmese cat, is an animal whose origin is in Thailand . It was created there by Dr. G. Thompson in 1930. This man crossed several previously selected cats in order to obtain a pure Burmese breed.

In the 1940s hybrid versions of this breed began to compete in shows, but the Cat Breeders Association did not like that, who withdrew their recognition until their bloodlines were reestablished, something that was done in 1957.

To this day, the Burmese ranks 16th on the list of the most popular breeds that have been recognized by the CFA.

What are its physical characteristics?

It is a medium-sized cat, about 3 to 7kg , the females being somewhat smaller. He has a muscular and robust body, covered by a layer of hair that can be brown, champagne, blue and platinum, with eyes of gold or yellow. The head is round, with medium ears.

It has a life expectancy of 15 to 18 years .

How is your personality?

The Burmese cat is a very sociable, affectionate and playful animal . He loves being around people who love him; and in fact, he will take any opportunity to be with them.

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