What is the best type of cat food?

What cat food should you feed your cat to ensure that it has adequate nutrition? What is the best food combination to help your kitty live longer and better? These are some of the questions that we will answer in our article on cat food.

Analyze what cats eat

Let’s examine a cat’s diet in its natural environment. Although they are specialized hunters, cats have largely lost that ability throughout evolution. In the wild, a cat will hunt almost any animal it can find and will generally eat it , including its stomach contents. This content has a variety of nutrients that are lacking in an animal’s muscle tissue, such as fiber.


Is it good to feed my cat raw meat?

Those of us who have cats often wonder if raw meat is really the best food for cats. The answer is: not necessarily. Unfortunately, fresh meat will not provide a balanced diet for a cat, as it is high in protein, and very low in vital nutrients for cats, such as calcium. In fact, conventional feed could have more nutrients in many respects .

Vegetarian diet in cats

Some cat owners have also wondered if it is okay to feed their cat a completely vegetarian diet. The answer to that question is absolutely no. Cats themselves cannot get the nutrients required for their health from a completely vegetarian food .

Problems caused by vegetarian feeding in cats

The vegetarian diet in cats could cause problems in the coat of our kittens, which are sometimes caused by a deficiency in certain essential fatty acids that can be found only in the meat of animals.

Another problem caused by this type of diet is amino acid deficiency , which is an essential element for the body’s proteins. This deficiency could lead to blindness and heart failure ! Cats are born carnivores and protein-rich foods are vital, although they are not the only ones.

Can I feed my cat only with feed?

Dry food (feed) is generally more convenient, hygienic and economical than canned or fresh food . Therefore, it would be fine to feed your cat only with feed, always making sure that your kitten’s dry food has a high content of proteins and essential nutrients.

You should also always make sure that you have drinking water available at all times with your kitten’s dry food. On the other hand; By eating feed, our cat exercises more teeth and reduces the accumulation of tartar, which can become a serious problem in cats fed a soft diet.

How much should I feed my cat?

If you are a first time adopting a kitten, that will probably be one of the main questions you ask yourself. Even if you’ve had cats for years, sometimes you may wonder if your cats are getting too little or too much food. Let’s analyze some factors to take into account:

The answer to “How much should I feed my cat?” It is based on many variables, including the weight and age of the cat , regardless of whether you are feeding it wet or dry cat food; Also the level of activity of your cat and if it is female, whether or not it is pregnant or breastfeeding its babies.

Another variable that makes the difference is the brand of our kitten’s food . A high-quality and dense dry cat food will contain more nutrients by weight than a low-quality food, and therefore require smaller portions to provide the same nutrition to your cat.

Many cat owners allow their kittens free access to dry food, supplementing it with canned food once or twice a day. A diet with only feed is not necessarily a bad diet for your pet, as long as it is of high quality, although it does require encouraging our cat to drink much more water to compensate for what it is not consuming in canned food.

When to feed my cat?

When you bring a new kitten home, it is important that you continue to feed him the same amount of food and at the same time that he is used to, and from there gradually migrate to your food and time. Cats are very sensitive to change , and a new kitten at home will have to deal with a great deal of stress in the new environment, so keeping the food and schedule consistent will ease their transition and keep intestinal discomfort at bay.

When your cat is ready to transition to his own food and schedule , you will need to determine what type of food to use (wet or dry, raw food, or a combo) and balance the calories in each food to measure the proportion in function of the variants that we have previously discussed.

What is the best cat food? Wet or dry?

The basis of a healthy diet for cats is protein . This must come from meat, fish or poultry.

If we decide on dry foods, they should be rich in animal protein and low in plant protein (which cats are poorly equipped to digest). Carbohydrates should not make up more than 10% of the mix of ingredients in cat food.

In the case of moist foods, these should predominantly consist of meat with as few filling by-products as possible.

Doubts between wet or dry food and the appropriate amount for my cat

A study has revealed that a healthy and active adult cat weighing about 3.5 – 4kg requires approximately 30 calories per day for every half kilogram of the animal’s weight. So an average cat weighing around 3.5kg requires about 240 calories per day.

Generally, dry foods contain about 300 calories per cup, and canned foods contain about 250 calories in 175-gram cans.

Using these data as a guide, a cat weighing about 3.5kg would need 4/5 of a cup of dry food or just under a 175 gram can of wet food a day . You can adjust these proportions depending on whether your cat prefers more or less dry or moist food.

Does your cat eat enough, or is it little?

Throughout your cat’s life you will have to modify its diet to adapt it to changes in metabolism and dietary needs.

Feel your cat’s spine and ribs. If the ribs and spine are marked through its skin, your cat is too thin. On the contrary, if you cannot feel your cat’s ribs, it is likely that he is overweight. You should adjust your food portions accordingly.


Spreading the food that we give our cat throughout the day will keep him from overeating. The freely available diet is one of the main contributors to feline obesity. A solution to this can also be to buy your cat an interactive feeder so that it will eat more slowly. test it!

Preventing your cat from becoming obese is much easier than forcing him to diet once he is obese.

Therefore, we must make sure to feed our kitten food rich in animal protein and high in nutrients, always with the right proportions depending on the characteristics of our cat and distributing them throughout the day . Yum!


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