What is the best age to adopt a cat?

If you are one of these many people who are thinking of adopting a kitten, surely the best age to do so is going through your head, especially considering that many people consider that adopting adult cats can become a real battle at home. , because they already have manias and behaviors created from their childhood.

So when is the best time to take our friend home? In this special article we will give you some tips to help you choose your new furry.

Before adopting a cat

A cat, even if it is obvious, is an animal, a living being that will need a series of care and attention throughout its life. When we decide to adopt one, it is very important to take this point into account, and to think that their life expectancy can be about 20 years on average, as long as they are well cared for.

Only if we are really willing to live with him for all those years will we become responsible cat sitters. Otherwise, the cat that we bring in after a while will end up living either in an animal shelter or, worse still, on the street .

A cat should never be a whim, nor should it be a throwaway (ignore, neglect, or abandon) toy . On the occasion of special days, such as birthdays or Christmas, there is still a lot of tendency to give children pets, simply because they have asked. This is a mistake that the dog or cat will end up paying for.

I am aware that sometimes I repeat myself more than garlic 🙂, but really, it is very important that you only take the cat home if the whole family agrees . Otherwise, it will be better to wait for the most suitable moment.

At what age can a cat be adopted?

If finally the whole family is willing to take care of a furry for all the years of his life, then the only thing left to do is know the answer to this question: kitten or adult cat? It may be easy to answer, but the reality is very different. Let’s see why:

Little cat

The kittens of few months of age have a character… of puppy. This means that they are hyperactive. They love spending all the time they are awake playing, running, jumping, and doing everything a young feline does: exploring the territory. Everything is new to them, and everything needs to be investigated, absolutely everything.

They need education , but always given with love and patience. Much patience. If you want to adopt a kitten, you must be very patient and teach him things little by little. Now, you should know that cats, in general, will learn by themselves to use the litter box , since they are very clean animals by their nature; However, when it comes to learning to use the scratcher, you will have to give them a hand , spraying with catnip or leaving cat treats on the poles so that you have to go up to look for them.

On the other hand, the brain of a kitten behaves like a sponge: it learns a lot and very quickly , whether good or bad, so if it is treated with affection, it will become a very sociable and affectionate cat that will like it be in the company of people. Otherwise, we will have an elusive animal, which will live in fear of humans.

Adult cat

The character of a cat is formed during the first year of life, so that once it reaches adulthood we could say that it has finished maturing. This is part of the truth, but it does not mean that we cannot modify their behavior a little .

The adult cats that are in the shelters and protectors are animals that have been taken there by people who either did not want them, or could not take care of them, or who lived on the street but because of their sociability they can be adopted. In any of the three cases, the cat is exempt from something that is very important: love . She may have already had a very hard life that will melt with the caresses you give her.

Of course, if you take home a cat that has been abused, you will have to be very patient and go little by little. If you have children, it is important that, at least for the first month, you avoid making a lot of noise or parties, since you need time to get used to the idea that your past will not return, and that now you can lead a dignified life.

To finish …

Regardless of the age of your new best friend, there are needs that you must cover: in addition to giving him a lot of love, you will have to be patient, provide him with a comfortable and quiet place where he can rest, and of course food or water cannot be lacking. .

But above all, every good cat sitter has to be respectful with them. Only then can the person have a relationship with their furry in which both will benefit.

Cats, those little works of nature that are capable of conquering our hearts. Let him do it, and I assure you that your life will never be the same again.



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