What is Cat Sitting?  What are the missions of the Cat Sitter?

What is Cat Sitting? What are the missions of the Cat Sitter?

A concept based on the same principle as Babysitting, Cat Sitting is very popular with many cat owners who have to be away from home for work or other reasons. Unable to take care of their little companion themselves, they can count on a caretaker who has a certificate of competency. What exactly is Cat Sitting and how to become a Cat Sitter?

Cat Sitting: a mode of care for cats

Cat Sitting is a home care for cats. This service is entrusted to a Cat Sitter. This is a solution more and more frequently adopted by owners who do not wish, in their absence, to drop off their cat with a neighbour, a friend or in a boarding house so as not to disturb their little companion.

Cat Sitting is really very useful because it allows the cat to stay in one’s environment even if his master is not present. This is important for this territorial animal, which is particularly sensitive to changes in habits. We know that the cat can be a victim of stress as soon as it is away from its territory. To be able to rely on someone passionate to keep him company is really reassuring for a master who loves his animal and thinks of his well-being above all else.

Cat Sitter: his main missions

The Cat Sitter is a person who is destined to temporarily keep cats at the home of the masters in their absence. He is entrusted with the assignments following:

    • Feed the cat,
    • Ensure that the animal always has fresh water,
    • clean the litter box,
    • Play with the cat,
    • cuddle him,
    • brush it,
    • Administer his treatment when the case applies.
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The role of the Cat Sitter is therefore to take care of the cat and to ensure that he does not suffer from loneliness when his masters must be absent.

Who can become a Cat Sitter?

No diploma is required to become a Cat Sitter. However, to carry out this cat sitting activity, it is necessary of take specific training dispensed by an authorized body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. At the end of this training, which lasts a minimum of 14 hours, a certification of ability is given to the interested party.

This training is essential to exercise either to their accounteither as employee a structure specializing in Pet Sitting, i.e. temporary animal care in private homes. Besides, if theactivity of Pet Sitter – and therefore of Cat Sitter, or even Dog Sitter for dogs – is exercised on a commercial basis, it is governed by the Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code. The service provider is required by law to have all the knowledge necessary to meet the needs of an animal (cat, dog, etc.), both in terms of maintenance and needs:

    • organic,
    • Physiological,
    • Behavioral.

This is why training is necessary. But to become a Cat Sitter, you also need love catseven be passionate, and it is just as fundamental to measure the extent of one’s responsibilities.

Cat Sitting: prices

The Cat Sitter must know that it is rare to be able to exercise full time, and therefore to live from his passion. Keeping a cat in the private home is rather a complementary activity.

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THE rate of an independent Cat Sitter varies from region to region, from sitter to sitter and of course from benefits. It also includes the cost of travel (round trips) between the Cat Sitter’s home and that of the client. As for the tariff applied by a Pet Sitting structure, it includes services, travel, the cost of insurance but also the remuneration of the intermediary.

The price can therefore be from €12 to €35 per visit, it is necessarily higher for night care at the client’s home than for day care. It should be noted that some health insurance for cat reimburse at least in part or in the form of flat rate the Cat Sitting when the master of the animal is hospitalized For example.

Cat Sitter: how to search for missions?

If you have a certificate of ability, you can find Cat Sitting missions using different means, such as:

    • Place an ad at merchants in their neighborhood or municipality,
    • Get in touch with the veterinarians and veterinary clinics in its region,
    • Create your own site Internet or his blog,
    • Use the online websites specialized in Cat Sitting or more broadly in Pet Sitting, which broadcast dedicated advertisements.

Once the provider has found its first customers – which is the most difficult – it can benefit from word of mouth. For this, you have to be an absolutely exemplary home cat sitter.

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