What is an animal adoption contract?

When we are going to adopt an animal before taking it home, they will make us sign an adoption contract. This document has legal validity and will be very useful, both to the adopter and to the animal shelter that until now was taking care of the furry. But what exactly is it?

If you have doubts about this topic and you don’t want any surprises, then I’ll try to solve them all 🙂.

The adoption contract is a legal and binding document that both the protector and the adopter sign at the time the animal is adopted. It expresses the agreements that have been reached, such as:

  • Adoption fees that the adopter must pay
  • Animal health status
  • Commitments of the adopter, such as delivering the animal if it cannot take care of it, notify if it changes its address and take good care of it

It is therefore a very important document, since what is expected is that the animal will end up in good hands and not in those that are not. In this way, it is avoided that it ends up being abandoned or used for other non-permitted purposes, such as breeding.

In any case, for it to be truly valid, all the information of the protector (CIF; registered office, association registration number), the identity card of the adopter as well as their address must be included , and both parties must also sign it . Likewise, it is recommended that along with the contract a veterinary report or vaccination card be delivered that certifies the animal’s health status.

Still, we can take our new friend home and take care of him as he deserves. Of course, we have to know that if we mistreat it, neglect it or do not castrate it within the established period, the protector has the legal right to recover the animal.

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