What is a Siberian cat like

The Siberian cat is one of the few breeds of domestic cats that are considered pure . It originated in the forests of Russia, when the furry ones that ended up abandoned or that were going for a walk crossed with those that are wild.

The result was an animal of majestic, elegant bearing, with a coat that, although it may seem otherwise, does not cause allergies. Find out what the Siberian cat is like

Siberian cat body

When we talk about this breed, it is inevitable to think of a large animal, with a robust body, designed to withstand the low temperatures that are recorded in the forests of Siberia. And imagination, in this case, agrees with reality: indeed, this furry can weigh up to 8kg if it is male and up to 6kg if it is female , so every time it passes over your back it will be as if it gave you massage 🙂.

Unlike other breeds, its growth rate is slow ; in fact, their development will not end until they are 5 years old. For this reason, it must be borne in mind that, if you want to make it breed, you have to wait a year and a half or two to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

It has a rounded head, with pointed ears and a long tail. The coat is long, and so soft that it will be difficult for you to stop stroking it .

Siberian cat behavior

He is very sociable, and above all very affectionate. It is the ideal cat for any family, especially for those who want to use their time to teach them some basic commands (such as “sit” or “paw”). The Siberian cat likes to learn new things very much , for this reason, we must also bear in mind that it can get bored easily.

For the rest, whether there are children at home or not, you are sure to have a great time . And you with him.

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