What is a holistic feed for cat

Taking care of a cat means much more than giving it a safe and comfortable place to live. In order for him to have good growth and better development, it is important to love and respect him every day of his life, and also to offer him a quality diet that he can digest well.

Surely for this reason the natural is increasingly present in homes. And, depending on what we feed our friend, he may have better or worse health. That is why it is so interesting to know what holistic feed is . Are they really good for our friends? Let’s find out.

What are they?

Holistic feeds are those whose ingredients and formulation come from animals and plants that have been cared for in a natural way , that is, the former have been living in harmony with nature and the latter have not been treated with pesticides. Thus, what these feed contains is meat from animals (chickens, pigs, etc.) that have not been treated with antibiotics, and vegetables that do not come from intensive or industrialized agriculture.

Other ingredients that we will not see in these feed are aromas, flavorings or coloring. In some cases we may find that they have included chemical preservatives, but the normal thing is that they incorporate vitamins E and C for this function.

What are its benefits?

The most important is that they are made with food suitable for human consumption , which is very interesting since it certifies the origin and quality. But in addition, these ingredients are incorporated fresh, and not as flours or by-products.

As if that were not enough, by not adding chemical products, we can be sure that these feed are adequate to nourish the cat , who will surely love being able to eat a high quality and highly digestible food.

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