What fruits and vegetables are prohibited for cats?

As with many other animals, it is important to watch your cat’s diet. It is necessary to avoid giving him certain foods in order to preserve his health. At the same time, certain fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for him. Either way, it remains essential to separate the foods that can be good for your pet from those that are likely to harm him.

What food can kill a cat?

The way your cat’s digestive tract works is not the same as yours. Thus, some usual foods can be very harmful to him, especially if he ingests frequently or in large quantities. Although fruit is not commonly unpleasant for cats, avoid giving them fresh or raisins. The latter contains a substance toxic to your pet that can cause him vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain. In addition, kidney failure can start 72 hours after ingesting the grape which can cause your cat to die.

Apart from grapes, avocado is a fruit rich in fat which can cause swelling of the cat’s pancreas and which can be fatal at times. Also, avoid cheese which has the same effect as avocado. In addition, refrain from adding onions, garlic, or chives to your cat’s meal, which can cause the cat’s death. In fact, onion contains allyl propyl disulfide which destroys the red blood cells of the cat causing a form of anemia. Also, garlic and chives are rich in a sulfur-derived substance that attacks red blood cells, causing your pet anemia, vomiting, and tachycardia.

The majority of food poisoning is fatal in our pets. First, the chocolate should be avoided as a meal for your cat because it contains theobromine a toxic substance for the cat. This substance can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and convulsions. In excessive cases, your cat’s heart rate will increase until it causes unconsciousness or even death. Know that the majority of cats are allergic to lactose when they grow up. Therefore, avoid giving milk or any dairy product that may cause seizures and intestinal gas.

In addition, raw vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, and cabbage should be avoided, as well as marinated meat or fish. The latter are often seasoned with garlic or onion which are harmful to cats. Finally, foods containing xylitol or fake sugar such as candy, mint lozenges, or pastries are potentially dangerous for your cat. Indeed, it causes a deficiency of sugar in the blood of your animal and degradation of the liver which can cause its death.

Is fruit good for cats?

If you are still hesitant about feeding your cat fruit, know that not all fruit is bad for it. Indeed, the fruits constitute a vitamin contribution for the cat. However, you should give it organic fruit in small numbers and not as a daily meal. Always be sure to dice or peel them and remove the pit or seeds. There are many fruits that are recommended and suitable for your cat.

  • Melon: rich in water, it will allow your cat to hydrate and cool off especially in summer.
  • Watermelon: like melon, it is rich in water. Know that the bark of watermelon is ideal for purifying the body of the cat.
  • The apple: it is perfect as a reward for your cat. It provided him with vitamins A and C, and natural fibers. Be sure to peel the apple and remove the seeds before giving it to your cat in small pieces.
  • Blueberries: they are ideal for your cat because they will provide it with anticancer and digestive properties and also antioxidant properties.
  • Pear: it is a source of fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamin C for your cat. She takes part in the maintenance of her coat.
  • Strawberry: it is rich in vitamins B and C and in fibers.
  • Peach: Cats generally enjoy the flavor of peach because it provides vitamin B and fiber to your pet.

Also, refrain from giving your cat fruit juice, as it is not recommended and is too high in sugar.

Are vegetables good for cats?

Vegetables are good for your cat because they are a source of natural fiber and vitamins. Thus, by incorporating them into your cat’s meals, you help improve his health. However, vegetables should be given with care and generally cooked to prevent germs and infections for your pet, thereby promoting digestion. In addition, be careful not to go beyond 15% of your cat’s food intake.

Here are the vegetables advised and recommended for consumption for these little felids:

  • Cucumber: this vegetable is very hydrating for your cat. Whether raw or boiled, don’t hesitate to give it to your cat as a reward.
  • Salad leaves and lettuce: Containing no fat, raw or boiled salad will provide your cat with fiber while lettuce will provide him with vitamins C and A.
  • Green beans: they are moisturizers for your cat. They will provide him with vitamins A, B, and magnesium. In addition, they are rich in fiber.
  • Peas: for your cat, they will be a source of fiber, vegetable proteins, vitamins, and magnesium.
  • The carrot: it must be cooked before being given to your cat. It will provide him with vitamin A and fiber. In addition, it is digested without difficulty.
  • Zucchini: Zucchini is the ideal vegetable if you want to diet your cat. You can also use it in case of constipation of the latter.
  • Sweet potato: it is rich in vitamin A and calcium. You can combine it with meat or chicken liver before giving it to your cat.

Finally, pumpkin and pumpkin are recommended vegetables for cats. Indeed, they are extremely digestive for your pet. You can, therefore, combine them with meat for example. Plus, pumpkin is an ideal vegetable for cats with constipation.


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