What food for a cat with kidney failure?

What food for a cat with kidney failure?

It is essential to give your cat a adapted diet if he suffers from kidney failure as this can help prolong his life expectancy. The diet of the little feline must therefore be considered on the advice of the veterinarian because there is no question of making errors which can be detrimental to the already very fragile health of the cat. Let’s see the peculiarities of the renal failure cat diet and in which case the therapeutic foods can be reimbursed by a mutual health insurance for animals.

Cat In Kidney Failure: The Foods It Needs

Kidney failure is a fatal disease. It is moreover the second leading cause of death in these pets as they grow older. The kidneys of the cat being destroyed, they can no longer fulfill their role. Thus, the body produces toxins such as creatinine and urea, but they can no longer be eliminated by the kidneys. They accumulate gradually, and the general condition of the cat deteriorates slowly but inexorably.

In the event of renal insufficiency, the cat must benefit from a special diet to know :

    • Rich in water : the cat must absolutely have fresh water at will, therefore in free access. High hydration is essential so that his kidneys can function as little as possible, especially if he is fed with kibbles which are dry foods. It is better to give him a wet diet, but this does not exempt him from doing everything possible so that the kitty can drink a lot throughout the day and night.
    • low protein : the proteins must be of excellent quality and of very good digestibility, but in reduced quantity.
    • Rich in soluble fiber : they restore the intestinal microbiota (flora) and nourish the cells of the digestive tract.
    • Low in phosphorus : to reduce the risk of hyperphosphatemia, that is, overdose in the plasma of inorganic phosphate.
    • Low in sodium : to avoid high blood pressure.
    • Rich in Antioxidantsin group B vitamins and in Omega 3.
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This allows to maintain a satisfactory acid-base level and alleviate the symptoms related to the disease and make the work of the kidneys easier.

Prioritize Therapeutic Food For Cats With Renal Insufficiency

To be sure to give your cat foods that are perfectly suited to its state of health, you can turn to therapeutic food. There are medicated food specially developed for cats with chronic or acute kidney problems. In this category of food, there are croquettes but also so-called wet products such as canned pâté and those in freshness sachets.

It is essential that the cat benefits from rapid care and that at the same time it therefore receives a targeted diet. The earlier he is treated, the less likely his kidneys are to be damaged. His master must see to it follow as closely as possible the diet recommended by the veterinarian.

Food plays a very important role in the treatment of kidney failure in cats. It is therefore not advisable to give the animal with this type of pathology a household food because it is very likely to be totally unsuited to his case.

Reimbursement Of Therapeutic Food For Cats With Kidney Failure

THE therapeutic foods recommended by the veterinarian can represent a significant expense because they must be given to the sick cat for life. But these are the ones that best suit the little feline.

This is why it is recommended to insure your cat with a mutual animal health insurance as soon as possible. Depending on the formula chosen, the master can get a refund at least partially medical food necessitated by the renal pathology from which his little protege suffers. To claim this type of reimbursement, simply choose a extended coverage which incorporates a prevention package.

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It therefore remains to choose the presentation that pleases the animal the most, especially since with such a disease, it may not always be very hungry. But whatever type of therapeutic food one chooses, it is essential to do not change the cat’s diet too quickly because it causes digestive problems.

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