What does the cat tell us with the positions in which it sleeps?

Among Miao’s favorite pastimes is resting, here are the sleeping cat positions that allow you to get to know him a little better

Besides running and playing, Miao loves to lie down and rest. The sleeping cat positions they tell us a lot about him, since he spends 13 to 12 hours in this state. They are essential to find out if he is well or if he has some reason that makes him feel bad.

The choice is related to a number of factors. Tiredness, temperature, level of tranquility in a given context: these are all aspects that our four-legged friend evaluates in order to spend his time dozing in the best possible way.

As always, it is a question of learning to interpret the body language of a species which, although domesticated and in close contact with man, has many points of difference from the bipeds that look after it.

Cat Positions, Meaning

Your cat’s sleeping positions tell us a lot about hers mood. In fact, let’s not forget that it is not a cuddly toy, but a living being with its own needs and which depends entirely on us. Knowing how he feels is essential to understand whether or not we need to intervene.

If our four-legged friend sleeps curled up, it means that his wild vein is still very present. It is in fact a typical choice of felines that must protect themselves from low temperatures and bad weather. Furthermore, this choice denotes that he feels protected, safe and wants to feel comfortable. Better not disturb him, then.

Cat Sleeping Stretched Out

Elongated cat

Above all in the summer monthsWhen the heat isn’t always easy to manage, one of the cat’s favorite sleeping positions is the one in which it is stretched out and well stretched. Often, especially if the floor is marble, we catch him lying on the floor (with the intention of enjoying a bit of coolness) or in an area of ​​the house where – thanks to the open windows – a little air blows and a pleasant breeze.

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How Cats Sleep, The Meaning Of The Face Up

cats sleep in the blankets

Petting a sleeping cat is almost never a good idea. In fact, an important moment for his psychophysical equilibrium is disturbed and there is the risk of frightening him. If Miao sleeps face up it means that it is serene, feels comfortable. He thinks he can put himself in a position of vulnerability because there are no imminent dangers to defend against.

When it is belly up, in fact, it shows the most delicate part of itself, it does not protect it from possible attacks and tells us that with us feels safe. This gesture has even more value if more cats live together. Generally this position belongs to the most ‘senior in degree’, the one who has been in a given environment for the longest time. It is not uncommon, in fact, that if a new entry arrives – be it bipedal or quadrupedal – this position leaves room for other more protective ones, waiting to understand whether or not there are real reasons for danger to be faced.

Choosing to sleep sideways or hugging each other also indicates relaxation. Among the positions of the sleeping cat, the first is the most frequent, because it allows you to fully extend the paws and to be really comfortable. The second, on the other hand, demonstrates unconditional love and affection towards one’s adventure partner. Miao chooses her both with his fellow humans with whom he gets along particularly well and with humans that he considers mom and / or dad. This is also a great way to give and receive very pleasant cuddles.

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How The Cat Sleeps When It’S Sick

cats sleep together

If our four-legged friend does not feel relaxed, he assumes alert positions that allow him to defend himself and escape as quickly as possible. It is the case of the feline that sleeps curled up without resting the head. This way he also curls up his paws and is ready to run. And if the cat’s ears are backwards, we have further confirmation: his eyes are closed, but he remains alert.

This is also a choice of four-legged friends who they are not physically well. Here then it can be useful to hear from your trusted veterinarian to rule out any health problem or intervene promptly if needed.

Cat Curled Up With Head Propped

Among the positions of the sleeping cat there is also the one curled up with the head supported. Again, he sleeps peacefully but can escape if the situation requires it. It is an intermediate position: he manages to rest and regain his strength, but puts himself in a position to react to possible attacks.

Cat Sleeping Covered

Cats love boxes and being in the dark, perhaps under a thick layer of blanket to hide and feel safe. This choice also denotes a certain degree of concern or the desire to feel protected. It is a real refuge and we have the task of preserving the newfound serenity. Speaking of which, here’s how to talk to your cat to make him feel good.

Many People Have Also Asked Us

kitten sleeps on its back

When it comes to Miao’s mental and physical health, doubts and uncertainties of responsible owners are the order of the day. This is why it is important to rely on specialized medical and behavioral personnel. Among the most frequently asked questions are these.

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What Is The Difference Between An Adult Sleeping Cat And A Puppy?

Compared to an adult feline, which has learned to interact with the world around it and no longer has the protection of mother cat, the puppy is certainly more serene and relaxed. Unaware of what could happen to him and certain that he has the best defender in the world: the one who brought him into the world. Typically, therefore, he sleeps on his stomach or down with all four legs fully extended. Growing up, but not too much, he will assume very funny positions and above all he will collapse in the most absurd parts of the house, because he will completely let tiredness win.

What Are Other Cat Sleeping Positions?

The sleeping positions of the cat depend on its physical state of health, but above all on its psychological well-being. The biggest division, in fact, as we have seen, is between the relaxed and alert feline.
What is certain is that when he sleeps with us – on the belly, on the neck, alongside – he loves us and trusts us. He knows he can afford to relax because he has a mom and dad who take care of him.

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