What do I do to make my cat sleep at night?

Does your cat run at night? Are you worried that he won’t sleep? If so, you need not worry. Cats are nocturnal animals that spend up to 75% of the day sleeping , which means about twelve hours ironing their ears while humans work. We must not forget that they were designed to be predators, and that they hunt (or hunted) as soon as the sun goes down.

But fortunately you can change that. How? Keep reading and you will find out.

We can’t change their genes, but we can change our furry’s routine . We can make him be active during the day, and sleep at night. Before explaining how we will do it, it is important to say that each cat has its own rhythm, and that some may find it more difficult than others. But with perseverance and patience we will make our friend more daytime.

That said, every day we will play more with him . We do not have to burden or tire you excessively. As soon as we see any sign of stress, boredom or fatigue we will leave it. It is much better to have 3 short play sessions (about 5 to 10 minutes) during the day, and be fun, than just one long session.


Well, our colleague Grumpty might not like the idea of ​​playing during the day very much , and chances are your cat thinks the same . That is why we have to ensure that the moment of playing is pleasant, entertaining. There must be cat treats, caresses, … we have to encourage it. Of course and as we said before, without harassing you. It is not a matter of not letting him sleep at all during the day, but rather that the cat is tired at night.

Naps are very beneficial for both the physical and mental health of our furry, but after each nap … let’s play! You will see how little by little he becomes more active during the day.




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