What do I do if my cat vomits many times

Vomiting in cats is a symptom that is usually not serious, since having the body covered with hair and grooming so frequently it is common that it swallows a lot of hair and that its body reacts by trying to expel it through the mouth. However, if you do it on a recurring basis then it will be time to worry.

Therefore, let’s see what I do if my cat vomits many times .

The cat can vomit in these situations:

  • Accumulation of hair on your stomach: your tongue, being composed of a prickly tissue, catches the hair every time you wash, and there comes a time when the body needs to expel them. To do this, we can help you by giving you regular malt for cats.
  • You have eaten too much or too fast: if the furry is a greedy, or if he feels stress or anxiety, he can eat too fast or much more than necessary. What we can do in these cases is give him the amount of food he needs (neither more nor less) in a room where he is as quiet as possible.
  • He is sick:There are certain diseases, such as gastroenteritis, that can cause symptoms such as vomiting. We can suspect that something is happening to him if he also has diarrhea, loss of appetite and / or weight, and if he is down, but there is nothing better than going to the vet to examine him and give him the appropriate treatment.
  • Poisoning: If you have ingested a toxic substance, you can try to expel it with vomit. If you convulse, have excessive drooling (like foam), and / or breathing problems, we should go to the professional immediately.


As we can see, vomiting can be a symptom of a serious problem. Whenever we see that you vomit on a regular basis, especially if you show other symptoms such as those mentioned, it is necessary to be alert and take the necessary measures so that you recover as soon as possible.



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