What do I do if my cat cries?

While cats can cry when they feel lonely or neglected, often the tears we see in their eyes are a symptom of something more serious . It may not be anything serious, but depending on the color they have, as well as the state in which their precious eyeballs are, we will have to act in one way or another.

If your friend has gotten up with tears in his eyes, let’s see what to do if my cat cries.


Cats, like us, can also be allergic to something. Anything can trigger an allergic reaction in our friends: dust, pollen, mites … One of the symptoms is, precisely, tearing. But how do you know if it is an allergy? Unfortunately, you can only know when the furry comes in contact with what causes the discomfort. Another option is to take him to the vet for a test.


Cats can also ‘cry’ when they have a cold. Especially with changes in the weather, if they are sensitive to cold their health will weaken a bit. In principle, it should not worry us, but if we see that you have rheum and / or that your tears are green or brown, you should consult a professional as it could be a sign of infection.

Blocked tear duct

The tear duct consists of a tube that is located at one end of the eye. Through it, the tears do not come out of the eyeball, but rather go towards the nose. However, when it is blocked, tears can leak out, and in doing so , skin infections can spread by mixing with the hair.

If your furry dog ​​has been involved in a cat fight, has recently had conjunctivitis, has an inward-growing eyelash, or if it has a flattened face (like the Persians), it is likely that its tear duct has been damaged.

Treatment will consist of administering antibiotics or anti-inflammatories, except if your eyelashes do not grow in the direction they touch. In this case, they will need to be removed with surgery.


The eyes are very important to cats. Whenever you see that he cannot open them properly, that he has crushes or tears, go to the vet to give him the appropriate treatment.




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