What do cats eat

Since cat and dog feed began to be marketed in the late 19th century, these animals have been forced to eat products that, if they really knew what it is, they would not eat it . And there are many feed to which flavor has been added, and they have been given a texture and a smell that attracts them.

We want the best for our furry dogs, but do we really know what cats eat?

We’ll start with the basics: cats, and all predatory animals, are carnivores , which means they eat the meat of the animals they hunt. In the case of cats, they can be all kinds of rodents, small birds, and they can even ingest some insects (it is rare, but it can happen). This means that the cat has to eat the most natural food possible, but of course, nobody wants to have rodents and others in the fridge 🙂 A more than recommended option would be to give them chicken wings, organ meats, and perhaps fish without bones, although it takes time to prepare.

So, we have the feed. There are two types of feed: wet and dry. But there are many, many brands: Acana, Applaws, Whiskas, Orijen, Friskies, etc. But what are they made of? And how do you choose the most suitable one?

Pet food industry


To speak of the dog and cat food industry is to speak of a media battle that aims to deceive the consumer or, in this case, the humans who take care of their animals, in order to obtain an increasing economic benefit.

As I mentioned at the beginning, towards the end of the 19th century, specifically, in 1860, the first dog food was created, which was nothing more than cereals, especially wheat, beets and beef blood all mixed together. After the depression of the 1930s, the owners looked for a product that was cheaper than meat to feed their animals; Although it did not take long for doubts to appear about whether they were being fed well, since this feed lacked meat .

Therefore, they began to add waste from meat factories that were not suitable for human consumption, such as: damaged or diseased meat, by-products, etc. These wastes were cooked (and are cooked today) with other equally or cheaper products, such as cereals not suitable for human consumption, shells, etc. But of course, how to sell something that no one would eat? Doing a lot of publicity.

Veterinarians were quick to get into this “game”, making reports recommending a certain type of feed, and criticizing people who gave them natural foods. And the situation worsened when feeds for breeds, for puppies, supposedly premium feed appeared, .. We no longer have to think: veterinarians choose the feed for our animals , basically because they make money with it.

Is that kind of feed good? No. It is known that cereal, for example, can cause allergies in cats by not being able to digest them well. I can tell you myself that one of my cats had a urine infection after having fed one of those supposedly complete feed.

How to choose the most suitable feed?


If you do not want or you cannot give natural food to cats, the ideal is to opt for feed that cares about their well-being, the so-called holistic . These feeds are not marketed in veterinary clinics, not even in veterinary supply stores.

Starting from the basis that cats are carnivores, you have to look for a feed that has a high content of meat (minimum 70%), and that does not contain any cereals or flour . To do this, you have to read the label of the ingredients, which are in order from more to less. We are not going to deceive you: the price of these feed is high, as a 7.5kg bag costs about 40 euros, but the benefits are visible at first glance. Among them, we highlight: a shinier and softer hair, strong and white teeth, their breath does not smell bad, and they are in much better spirits.



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