What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia in cats?

The hip dysplasia in cats is not very common, but sometimes it can happen. It appears when the hip joints have not finished developing well, ending up partially dislocated. In doing so, the cartilage is damaged, microfractures occur, and in more serious cases, osteoarthritis and pain that prevents walking.

But what are the symptoms of this disorder? And how is it treated?


The first symptoms of hip dysplasia in cats can appear very early, around one year of age. It is not easy to detect it, since they are often confused with other degenerative problems, but it is true that you can have a more or less clear idea if the animal presents:

  • Stop playing like before, don’t jump or run.
  • You feel pain in one or both of your hind legs.
  • Sometimes you can hear a popping sound coming from your hips when you walk or stand up.
  • Your shoulder muscles are enlarged due to overexertion.
  • Depending on the case, the back arches due to the displacement of the weight of its hind legs.

If you suspect that your cat has hip dysplasia, it is important that you go to the vet, since these symptoms will not disappear, rather the opposite: they will get worse over time.

Diagnosis and treatment

Once at the clinic or at the veterinary hospital, your cat will have a urine and blood test, and pelvic X-rays. If he finally has dysplasia, there are several things that can be done to help the cat lead a normal life, and they are:

  • Mild cases:for these types of cases, in which the disease does not cause too much discomfort, the treatment can be done from home, giving anti-inflammatories recommended by the veterinarian, weight control, and avoiding excessive exercise.
  • Severe Cases:If the cat is in a lot of pain, or if outpatient treatments have not proven effective, the vet may choose to try modifying the hip joint, or replacing it, in both cases under general anesthesia.


Hip dysplasia in cats can cause a lot of discomfort to the furry, but with a timely diagnosis, their quality of life will improve 😉.




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