What are the signs that my cat is going to give birth?

While your cat is pregnant there are some signs that it is important to watch out for. Some of her actions may indicate that it is time to give birth. At the same time, some of his behaviors may be a sign of a possible complication. Either way, you have to stay alert and know exactly what to pay special attention to.

How do I know if my cat is going to give birth?

Usually, gestation in a female cat lasts between 57 and 63 days. That’s the equivalent of about two months. To know if your pet is going to give birth, you can simply count the days. You can also do an ultrasound at your vet to get an idea of ​​D-Day. However, it is always best to be surprised by the birth of kittens. If this option gets you excited, you will need to watch out for some real-life signs.

  • She prepares the arrival of the little ones

To welcome her young, your cat will start to build her nest. You will, therefore, notice that it moves further and further away and goes away from noise and glances. It will be necessary to be careful with its movements because it can choose any location to serve as a shelter. If you can afford it, you can help it by making a fairly comfortable nest.

  • Your pussy is shaking more and more and licking her genitals

This sign should tell you that your pet is going to give birth in a few hours. Indeed, when the long-awaited moment is near, your cat becomes restless and quite nervous. She will go back and forth and will no longer be able to a standstill. Also, she will lick her genitals as soon as the uterine contractions start. There are also other signs that should tell you that your cat is going to give birth. When she purrs, when her temperature drops or when she has less appetite, you must prepare to welcome the little ones. The pregnant cat is a difficult time but will strengthen your relationship with your friend on all fours.

How to help a cat to give birth?

For your cat to give birth in good conditions, she will need to be assisted. This is why you will have to pay attention to each of his actions to know exactly what phase of childbirth is your animal.

How do you know if a cat is losing water?

The signs that your cat is losing water are quite similar to those that indicate that she is going to give birth. Thus, you will find that your pet begins to meow intensely. She can also be very restless by changing positions frequently. Her uterine contractions will be closer and closer and she will not stop licking her genitals.

Then your cat will lose the mucous plug, which will trigger the water loss. You will, therefore, notice the appearance of a liquid corresponding to “waters”. Finally, the first amniotic sac should appear and the first kitten should show up soon.

How to prepare for the birth of a cat?

To welcome your kittens in good conditions, it is important to take the appropriate measures.

  • Take your cat to the vet

It is essential to ensure adequate pregnancy follow-up for your animal. To make sure the pups are healthy during the gestation phase, you need to bring your cat for consultation. In the event of complications or problems, the veterinarian will be able to provide the necessary care.

  • Prepare the kittens’ nest

One of the important elements to planning for the birth of a cat is the nest of its young. Moreover, you will notice that the cat seeks shelter for her kittens as the birth approaches. Prepare about 15 days in advance and concoct a very cozy nest. You can use a large cardboard box and set it up in a quiet place. Put soft supports inside the box and make your cat understand that this is the nest you have prepared for her.

  • Ensure room hygiene

You should know that kittens need to be born in a calm, warm and clean place. It is therefore necessary to ensure the hygiene of the room by cleaning it properly. You can use mats or mattresses specially designed to put the little ones in good condition.

  • Assist your cat during childbirth

During childbirth, you need to give your pet space. Let her join her nest and get away enough because she needs space. However, keep an eye on her to be able to intervene if something goes wrong. Also, provide towels and disinfectant. You may have to intervene during childbirth.

During her gestation period, the cat deserves your full attention. So pay attention to its different signs to ensure a good birth of the kittens.



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