What are the diseases transmitted by ticks?

Ticks are one of the external parasites that cause the most problems for the cat. During spring and, above all, summer, they multiply very quickly, so much so that they reach the dimension of a plague in a matter of days.

Therefore, it is important to know what diseases fleas carry . This way we will know how necessary it is to protect the cat from these annoying parasites.

Lyme’s desease

It is a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks. It is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi . Three phases are distinguished:

  • Phase 1: starts in the first days. The infection is localized. It can appear 18 hours after the bite.
  • Phase 2: the bacteria begin to reach other parts of the body.
  • Phase 3: the bacteria have managed to spread throughout the body, months or years after infection.

The symptoms will depend on the phase in which the cat is:

  • Phase 1: fever, loss of appetite, listlessness, depression, muscle stiffness, swollen lymph nodes, and you may walk with an arched back.
  • Phase 2: shortness of breath, nervous system disorders, heart problems.
  • Phase 3: diarrhea, vomiting, kidney failure, fluid accumulation, muscle numbness.


Also known as rabbit fever, it is a bacterial disease caused by the bite of ticks . Symptoms are: poor appetite, lethargy, fever, eye infections, ulcers in or around the mouth, jaundice, liver enlargement, dehydration.


It is a disease caused by bacteria that enter the animal’s body through the bite of an infected tick. It is very rare, but it is important to know the symptoms to take the necessary measures , which are: anemia, loss of appetite and weight, jaundice and pale mucous membranes.


It is a rare bacterial disease in cats that is caused by the bacteria Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia risticii , which kill the cells of the body and whose symptoms are: lethargy, depression, loss of appetite and weight, vomiting, diarrhea, fever , anemia, shortness of breath, swollen and swollen feet, watery eyes and pale mucous membranes.


To prevent the cat from getting sick due to a tick bite, it is necessary to protect it with antiparasitics such as pipettes, collars or spray during all warm months.


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