What are the breeds of long-haired cats?

Long-haired cats are precious no, next thing. When you see one, and if you really like these animals, it is inevitable to have the desire to pet and pamper it. But when thinking about adopting them, we cannot forget that they require a bit more care, since otherwise the risk of them having problems due to the formation of hairballs will be high.

So if you are willing to give them a lot of love and brush them daily, here are some of the most beautiful long-haired cat breeds.



The Angora are one of the oldest breeds of cats, emerging in the Ankara region (Central Turkey). They weigh between 3 and 5kg , and have a coat that can be blue, red, brown, silver, cream, cameo, brindle or brindle and white.

They are active, intelligent, affectionate. They are usually very dependent on their favorite human, and playful.

Norwegian Forest


The Norwegian forest cat breed refers to furry cats that have lived in Norwegian forests since their origin. They weigh between 3 and 9kg , and have a long coat that protects them from the cold that can be of almost any color.

They are very calm and affectionate animals, although they need to exercise every day to have a good quality of life.



The ragdoll is a breed that arose from the cross between a Siamese, a Persian and a Burmese. It weighs between 4.5 and 9 kg , and has a long or semi-long coat that can be colorpoint (the color of the legs is not white), bicolor (on two colors) or mitted (they have a white chin and white »socks» ).

They are very calm and home animals, who love calm and pampering.



The Persians arose in Persia, present-day Iran. They weigh between 3.5 and 7kg , and have a very soft coat of a very variable color: white, brown, brindle, red, chinchilla, etc.

For many, they are the most domestic breed of cat, since they are generally very calm and sociable.

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