What are grain-free feed for cats

These days it is very easy to spend more time than necessary in front of the cat food counter: there are many brands! All of them use letter and color formats that are very attractive to potential buyers, and of course, there is not one that has not written that their feed is a complete food. However, when you turn the bag or sack over and read the ingredient label on many occasions you will see that they have included ingredients that cats do not need at all, such as corn or wheat.

If we want the health of our furry to be good, one of the things we can do is avoid buying that food. And, although the price is higher, grain-free feed is the best option (after natural food, of course). But what exactly are they?

What are they?

The short answer is: feed that is not formulated with cereals, that is, a type of food that has not been made with wheat, or corn, or anything else like it . But in reality they are much more than that: they are a real and healthy alternative to natural food. A way to get the cat to have a normal growth rate (and not fast).

Saving the distances, it is often impossible for me to avoid comparing feed WITH cereals, with the feed that is given to animals that are raised on farms for human consumption: this type of feed is made so that the animal grows a lot and very fast regardless of your health. To control their health they are given antibiotics. This is a huge mistake, especially when it comes to cats.

Felines are carnivores , so they must eat meat. There is no point in giving them cereals, since their body is not able to digest them well, and in fact, they can cause serious health problems such as idiopathic cystitis , kidney stones, infections, etc.

What are its advantages?

Grain-free feed has many advantages, which can be seen in the body of the furry ones :

  • Shiny and healthy hair
  • Soft teeth, no bad breath
  • Normal growth rate
  • Better mood
  • More energy


So, although the price is high (the kilo comes to 3-7 euros), it is better to spend the money on high quality food than on the vet, don’t you think? 🙂


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