Untimely meowing of the cat: why?  What reason ?

Untimely Meowing Of The Cat: Why? What Reason ?

Some cats are particularly meowing, such as the Siamese, an inexhaustible talker, the Oriental shorthair or the Japanese Bobtail, the Birman, the Balinese, other champions of the sound system. But apart from these few examples, the cat is an animal that generally knows how to be discreet. Anyway, hearing your cat meow loudly and tirelessly ends up becoming unbearable. No need to scold him, the little feline probably has a message to convey… A cat that has been meowing insistently for some time should be taken seriously and not systematically for a capricious animal. If he insists, he probably has a good reason. It remains to be seen which one. This is what we will see together.

The Cat Meows Insistently Because He Is Hungry Or Thirsty

Faced with untimely meowing, the first thing to do is to check if the water fountain is not dry and if there are still some kibbles in the cat’s bowl. Be careful, however, to check their freshness because the kitty does not like leftover food that has dried out or smells bad.

The Cat Meows Because He Wants To Go Out

It is normal for a cat to stretch its paws outside and satisfy his hunting instinct. If he stays too long in the house, he will always find a way to express his desire to escape a little and generally, it is by untimely mewing that he seeks to make himself understood by his master, without forgetting to approach the door and fix the handle. Impossible for a master not to decipher this message, which could not be clearer.

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The Cat Meows Because He Is In Physical Pain

There pain or discomfort due to health problem may cause unusual insistent meowing. The master of the animal must, in this case, have noticed that his cat has not been in his best shape for some time. Generally, various symptoms appear, which makes it possible to put the flea in the ear of any attentive breeder to his little companion. Digestive problems, lack of appetite, insistent scratching, watery eyes, increased thirst, bloody urine and many other signs justify a consultation with the veterinarian.

The Cat Meows Inopportunely Because He Is Depressed

I’ boredom can explain the loud and frequent meows in a cat. Even if he sleeps a lot, this animal needs to be able to occupy himself when he is awake. He likes to hunt, to scratch on a scraper, to play, to look out the window and he also needs his master to give him attention and talk to him. It is enough to offer a few toys to your cat so that it is no longer bored and stops meowing insistently. I’ physical activity is very important for all cats regardless of age, and if they have nothing to do all day, they can get depressed.

We can note that the depression but also the stress and the distress can cause unbearable meows for humans. Some cats have pathological problems that make them unhappy and absolutely must be taken care of by an animal medicine professional. If the cat suddenly shows up aggressive or stay prostrate in a corner, don’t eat anymore, don’t play anymore, you have to worry about it. In the slightest doubt, a consultation is essential.

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The Cat Meows Because She Is In Heat

The little kitten in heat adopts a specific behavior. Untimely meowing is part of folklore and it starts at the age of 6 or 7 months depending on the breed, or even rather for precocious females. As long as she is not sterilized, the cat emits incessant and powerful hoarse sounds that quickly get on the nerves of even the most tolerant master. But the beauty wishes to attract a tomcat.

The Cat Meows At Night To Sleep With Its Masters

This is a common problem faced by many people who have just welcomed a kitten. The young animal, newly separated from its mother, its brothers and sisters, finds it difficult to stay alone during the night. He can then spend hours meowing very loudly which is a nightmare for all members of the family. If the idea is not to allow the kitten to sleep with its masters, you have to stand up to it. The best attitude is in difference. After a few noisy nights, everything will eventually work out. The kitten will understand that he has to sleep in his basket and will stop meowing for hours.

You can have the same experience with a adult cat which we have just adopted and which until then had the habit of sleeping in the room of its breeders. It is therefore necessary to resume education in hand, again playing the card of indifference and being patient, even if it means spending a few sleepless nights.

The master at the end of his tether must know how to dominate himself in the face of the untimely meowing of his cat. If he cannot identify the cause, he must consult the usual veterinarian or make an appointment with a behavioral veterinarian. The meow is a mode of communication and it is interesting to be able to decipher the messages of his cat who knows how to modulate his meows very well because he has great vocal skills. But it is also an intelligent animal that knows how to use its vocalizations so that we take care of it or sometimes to try to confuse its master.

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