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Your cat friend may have won your heart, but there are reasons that prove the evil of having a cat at home, as you will be about to see, behind every kitten there is a demon with claws of hell that hopes to steal your soul.

Here is what I think are some of the biggest frustrations cat owners have . Oh, and if you find any solutions to those frustrations you’ve had in the past, please let me know!

The twelve disadvantages of having cats at home

Studies have shown, among other benefits, that people who have cats are less likely to have a heart attack, and petting a cat lowers our heart rate and blood pressure. However, sharing your life with this little feline also has some drawbacks that each person should take into account before deciding to bring a cat into your home:


You will worry that your cat does not escape

Before we did not worry about having the door to the house or the garden closed. Since we have our cat we are watching her outings to the garden, especially at night, we have found a fox even during the day, and that is a danger for her.

She does not leave the perimeter of the garden, I only found her once outside with another cat, in her mating season, since she was sterilized her walks have been reduced to the garden.



Concern that you will be harmed when you are away from home

We know that outdoor cats are exposed to many dangers. There is a risk that your cat will be attacked by other animals, contract rabies or other diseases, be hit by a car, it is not easy to stop thinking that something bad can happen to your cat.

It would be wonderful to get all of our cats to have the best of both worlds, outdoors and indoors, without the worst of the two.


Difficulties to be trained

It is very likely that you want to avoid scratching all over the house, and although you can train your cat to stop destroying the furniture you love most, it will be difficult to achieve it. We bought my cat a simple cardboard scraper, there it is after three years without almost using it (I thought that being made of cardboard it would last little …).

But, of course, the feline antics don’t end there. Many cats open kitchen cabinets, lie on clean clothes, jump into sinks, suck on taps etc …

They wake you up in the morning, and they also do things that humans would rather they didn’t do, be it for hygiene reasons, for their own well-being, or simply because we seem totally crazy.

Again, this is not a big deal as I think you can train your cat to stop doing things that you would rather not do.



It can be difficult to get cats to do what is good for them

Getting your cat to do such simple things that are good for their health, like  drink more water  and eat more slowly, can take a long time even knowing that doing these things is good for them.

For my cat Nina, it is difficult for us to pick her up at home at night, and we do it for her safety, it has become a routine to chase her and look for her almost every night.


Cats have a hard time playing the game

My cat Nina is very lazy, self centered and difficult to interact with. It is very difficult trying to play with her, even if we know she wants to exercise.

Anyway, we managed to keep him in shape, maintaining his weight, thanks to the walks and runs that he takes in the garden.

I have forgotten to play with her.


Cat products can be very expensive

Cat products like modern cat trees and minimalist cat litter boxes can cost an arm and a leg. Heck, even staples like quality cat litter and food can be pricey on your pocketbook!

I believe that prices have become more reasonable on cat products over the years, especially considering that more and more companies create products for our feline friends.

The pet industry still has a long way to go when it comes to offering effective, affordable, and durable cat products.


Your cat’s hair is all over the house

Yes, it is a hassle that we all know will always be a part of our lives as cat companions, but every now and then, it becomes too annoying also when you know that you will never end this nuisance. It’s not the biggest problem of all, but I’d like to make it completely disappear from my life.


During the holidays you will miss your cats

Maybe this is just a problem that I have, sometimes, I wish I could travel with my cat. I feel like taking vacations, and we don’t miss more than five days, it’s not very pleasant considering that I’m going to miss Nina a lot and I’m worried that she will miss me.

If you take long vacations, you should take your pet or leave it at home in the care of someone who can watch over it. Of course, with food, water and a proper litter box, a cat can stay home alone for a few days, in my case my cat has been home alone for up to five days.

We should not leave cats alone that have separation anxiety, and suffer absences with stress and depositions out of the tray.


They only want you when it suits them

Another drawback of having cats that you have to live with is that they only love you when it suits them. If you were in a relationship with someone who was only nice to you when they needed something, you wouldn’t appreciate it too much. However, with cats we have no problem hugging an animal that constantly tries to escape from us. You pet them only when they want you to.


Behavior problems

Each cat has its own personality, this is something that those who have had several felines know. Therefore, we cannot expect similar behavior in all of them.

Before acquiring a cat, bought or adopted, we can check its docility, character after a first impression, but this does not guarantee that you are right. There are diseases and circumstances that can change their behavior, we must also take this into account and know how to react appropriately to help them return to normality.


It is difficult to know when our cat is sick or in pain

Many cats do not show any signs of pain or distress until they feel so bad that they cannot help but communicate their distress. That makes it sometimes too late, and their illnesses cannot be cured.


Veterinarians don’t always know what happens to your cat when it’s sick

Another very disturbing circumstance that you may encounter. Fortunately, the health care of our pets has improved in the last decades, or so I think, but it has not reached the development of the study of health in dogs.

Even so, it can sometimes be difficult to get a diagnosis, especially when what your cat has is not particularly common.


And so far I have listed the “disadvantages” of having a cat as a companion. The key to making a good decision is to think with your head and let your heart speak.

Do not hesitate, cats are wonderful animals and require patience to understand their behavior. But the rewards they bring you are very great, anyway, you will solve the problems if you have enough information.




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