True stories about your cat’s extraordinary instinctual nature #confíaenuinstinto

Cats are felines that, since they appeared about 30 million years ago, have evolved to be magnificent predators, so much so that despite all the challenges they have had to overcome throughout history, they have colonized practically everyone. And all thanks to his diet with ingredients from the natural environment and, above all,  to his instinct .

The cat that we have at home does not need to hunt, but it is still an animal that, with respect for these nutritional principles, will benefit from a natural and balanced diet, helping to improve its physical condition and facilitating its digestion.

Instinct, a form of intelligence


We are often surprised by the attitude of the cat sleeping on our sofa. There are things that have not yet been explained but that surely have to do with that sixth sense that makes this animal a wonderful being. And, what else could explain that he knows how to get back home, even though he is several miles away?  No, I’m not making it up. 

Holly the cat is a beautiful furry that disappeared in Daytona Beach, California. She and her family were enjoying their vacation, until they left a door open and she left. In the end, after putting up many posters, and after two months later,  the extraordinary cat returned home after having walked 200 miles .

This, while an incredible case, actually might not be so. Cats have always known how to guide and orient themselves, although humans have not yet fully understood them.

True Instinct, the natural nutrition that respects your instincts


True Instinct  is a brand of natural nutrition for dogs and cats that comes to Spain with a clear objective: that our friends can eat in the most natural way possible, proposing a range of products that respect and enhance their nature, and that is based on the ingredients that they might instinctively find in a natural environment .  

From my own experience, I can tell you that the benefits of giving them a healthy diet are many, including:

  • strengthening the immune systemthanks to the high level of oxidants (such as vitamins E and C, in addition to selenium, zinc and proteins,
  • skin and hair look healthier and brighterdue to a constant supply of omega-3, omega-6 and zinc
  • they can make digestions much betterdue to non-harmful grains like brown rice and oats, and they have  much more energy  thanks to the high content of animal protein.

True Instinct is presented with three ranges of products: “Original” with 55% ingredients of animal origin, “No Grain” (without cereals), with 60%, and “High Meat”, the highly protein range, with 75%. These ranges always include fresh chicken, lamb or salmon as the first ingredient, which constitute an easily digestible protein supply.

The True Instinct range also incorporates natural plant sources (potatoes, chickpeas, peas or cereal grains such as oats, brown rice and barley), including fruits (apples, berries) and vegetables (broccoli, carrots and peas). And finally, flax seeds and fish oil provide the essential fatty acids essential for healthy skin and shiny hair.

There are several flavors: lamb, salmon or chicken. And it is also in various sizes: from 300 gram bags to 7kg bags. They are steamed and do not include colorings, preservatives, artificial flavors, or genetically modified ingredients in their preparation

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

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True Instinct Free Food Giveaway

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