Traveling with your kitten

Cats !! These little critters always seem to be a challenge when it comes to transporting them from one place to another . If you’ve never heard the sad song of a terrified cat on your way to the vet, you’ve missed an incredible wild event. And if you’ve experienced the screams and wails of a panicky cat, you’ll be so thankful you didn’t experience it on some dark night in a tent in the middle of the woods.

If you’re driving or taking a road trip, only one cat in a hundred will snuggle up to enjoy the ride with you in the seat next to you. No one knows for sure why the remaining 99 feel lost and believe they are falling into the void in outer space. If you cannot travel by car and need to fly with your cat, there are some considerations to take into account before booking the flight, including the possible behavior of the cat. You must understand that traveling with a cat requires some preliminary preparations to make the experience at least tolerable for you and your little feline friend.

Moving or traveling with a cat

First of all, I advise you to invest some money in a carrier . If you can take your kitten in one of these portable cages he will feel much safer both physically and psychologically. Cats enter a species “I’m safe here” when they are inside a box. They can still cry and scream, but if that happens, at least they won’t be able to use you as a trampoline to scamper around the car.

Once you have a carrier, put it at home with the door open, put some treats and a small litter box, and leave it there. Do not put the cat inside because the safest thing is that it will get scared and take a habit of the carrier. Cats are very smart! and they do not like to be controlled or forced to do anything. In fact, the cat might be thinking, “Mmmmhhh, I should pee on that thing so my human knows who’s boss here.”

On the other hand, if you allow your pet to discover that little den at home, you will realize what he likes to be there . So when you need to capture your cat on the day the vet touches, it will be enough to hope that he just gets into the carrier.

Now the car trip will be safe for you and your cat. Don’t worry about keeping food and water to transport it; healthy cats can go without food for several hours.

Traveling with cats by plane

It is important, when you have to travel with your cat, check with the airline before the flight to find out if you can take it in the cabin with you or not, or if you need some type of special carrier or cage. The cabin is always the best option for traveling with pets, but some airlines may require you to bring your pet in the cargo hold. If this is the case and it is impossible to make the trip with another method of transport, be sure to read about the potential risks of transporting animals in cargo holds and determine if the benefits outweigh the risks in your case.

Use of tranquilizers / seasickness medicine

Do some occasional travel tests before going on any long trips to see what to expect from your furry friend’s behavior. If your cat seems really uncomfortable and cries for more than 20 minutes, you may need to consult with your vet about the possible use of a tranquilizer or anti-motion sickness medication.

It can be difficult to discern if your cat is displaying hyperactivity or is in the throes of motion sickness. Describe what the animal is doing inside its box (quiet and drooling or crazy and screaming) to the vet, so that he will be able to prescribe the appropriate medication to make the kitten comfortable.

For people who are totally opposed to medicating their pet, rest assured that cat medications are very helpful in reducing her stress while going through a horrible and inexplicable experience for her.

Imagine what your cat probably feels when he travels by car; the engine noise like thunder, the movement like an earthquake and the passing of the trees through the window as if it were falling sideways without stopping. Medication can make your trip much more pleasant.

Avoiding the treacherous kitty

Never open a box with a cat inside unless you’re prepared for their flight to freedom unchecked ! One of the most dangerous and embarrassing events that you can experience with your cat is trying to retrieve it from the top of a piece of furniture or a beam, with a good chance that at that moment someone innocently opens the door of the veterinary hospital and your cat appears on top of it. the tree across the street.

What was that ?! exclaims the innocent liberator while you and some members of the hospital run in pursuit of the fugitive.

It can also be dangerous when the vet opens the carrier in the narrow dressing room. Some cats are waiting in tension for the opportunity to escape. The natural tendency is to climb to safety, and injury can occur if the cat uses a tree person to climb.

You should go slowly when you go to remove your cat from the carrier , let it calm down, reorient itself and get used to the situation before going to get it. It may be better to open the door and let the animal go out alone. Be careful.

A healthy cat can use the litter box, eat and drink once every 24 hours. Don’t worry too much if you don’t see him feeding, he may have already done so without you noticing.

Never, never, let your cat loose during a trip , no matter how good it is and what the case is at home. On a trip your kitten finds himself in a different and strange world, if for some reason he “takes off” it is likely that you will never see him again. Some kind of identification is always a good idea.

If you’re like most people who have a cat friend, you probably don’t feel like traveling with him. But if it is an activity that is done often, you may be one of those lucky 1% whose cat believes that a trip is a human invention designed for cats to see and discover other places in a much more efficient way.




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