Toys for cats and kittens

The benefits of cat and kitten toys go far beyond just fun . Discover everything they can do for your dear partner!

Most domestic cats, while much safer at home against disease and other dangers, tend to be overweight and inactive. Cats, like people, benefit both physically and mentally from being active and fit.

Exercise is essential for your cat’s physical and mental health ; relieves stress and boredom, improves circulation, increases muscle tone, and can prevent and reduce behavior problems.

For all that and more, we have to get our cats up and moving. There is no better way to coax their natural stalking and hunting instincts than by engaging them with toys .

Cat toys are essential

Cats, by nature, are creatures that live for leisure ; strangely you will see your cat running around the garden with wild abandon like his friends the dogs. Many cats are content to sit on the windowsill all day, napping and watching the world go by.

But that doesn’t mean that cats don’t enjoy or need to play with their owners. Of course they do! Your cats love being stimulated mentally and physically and spending time playing with you

Why are cat games important?

However, when it comes to cats, games are not just fun and entertainment. For them, the act of playing is actually a very serious matter, helping kittens learn important survival skills like stalking, chasing, and catching prey .

Even if your cat never ventures outside the home, this basic hunting instinct can remain strong, so it is important to give our feline family members the opportunity to express and train this natural behavior through toys .

In addition to satisfying your cat’s natural instincts, toys are important to help keep your pet healthy and happy . Play provides important exercise for cats, especially those that live exclusively indoors. Playing regularly will help your kitty stay active and control her weight. They help prevent behavior problems, boredom, and are a great way to bond with your cat.


Benefits of games for cats

When you look at what cats do in the wild, it is obvious why they need to play . They sleep up to 16 hours a day and when they are awake, they need the exercise that play provides. The different toys for cats that exist; as educational toys or interactive toys they are very encouraging for your cat to play.

The most important benefits of the game include:


Exercise is vital to keeping your cat healthy. Playing with your cat and having it play with other pets is the ideal way for it to exercise . With the help of toys you will keep your kitten captivated for hours and hours.

Anxiety release

Anxiety and stress are just as bad for cats as they are for us. Cats under stress are more likely to develop behavior problems such as aggression, urine marking, or obsessive-compulsive disorders. They are also more prone to illness.

Cat toys help reduce anxiety and stress, and improve their mood .

Feel good

Playing, by definition, is something that serves among other things, to feel good . And your cat deserves to feel good, right?

Thanks to the different types of toys, you can spend a lot of time playing with your cat in different ways, so as not to fall into a routine. You have never seen your cat so happy.

Friendship with your other pets

Cats chase other cats, and they persuade dogs to chase them, I’ve even seen cats chase dogs on occasion. This type of behavior provides a necessary bond between them. So your pets have each other, to entertain themselves and not feel alone the times that you are not there.

Toys and games help to create these bonds between them, even if they don’t get along at first, playing together will bring them closer .

Strengthen your bond with your kitten

Buying toys for your kitten and spending time playing with him every day will strengthen your bond more than anything else . He will understand that the best of life happens when you are with him, and he will love you like never before.

Toys and games are the true key to your heart.

Stimulation of your cognitive ability

Interactive cat toys are great toys for their mental health . In small cats, they favor the development of a quick and healthy mind. In adult cats they prevent cognitive degeneration and help them avoid diseases such as depression.

Benefits for your furniture

Your feline can become destructive. Cats get bored too! Without appropriate cat toys, a cat may decide to entertain itself by playing with its human’s things . Sometimes bad behaviors from your cat are misinterpreted. All he wants is to play.


Types of cat toys

The number of different cat toys out there can be intimidating. There is so much to choose from!

Interactive toys for cats

Interactive toys are what cats like the most . These types of toys, whether electronic or not, respond in some way to your cat’s actions on them. That is why they love them, they remind them of games with a prey for example. There is a lot of variety of this type of toy, find the one that your cat likes the most .

Interactive toys with humans

Many of your cat’s toys must be of this type. These games are important for your cat, because they are done through active interaction with a person, and this strengthens the bond between the cat and its owner . They are used to “interact” with your cat. In other words, they are toys that help you to be an important part of the game. Two types stand out among interactive toys.

Wand toys

A wand toy is a toy intended for interactive play between you and your cat. A long wand with a cat toy attached to the end allows the cat to play with full force without damage.

Pen toys

One of the stars of the toys . Feather toys are shaped like a fishing pole; with a feather attached with a rope at one end. They are for the cat to chase the feather as if it were a bird. There is something about feather movement that is irresistible to cats!

Puzzle toys for cats

Many people allow their cats free access to food. This often leads cats to eat more than they should. Instead of feeding him “free”, you can use one of these toys that will captivate his mind and satisfy his natural hunting instincts . These toys also help slow down cats that eat too quickly.


Catnip toys for cats

These toys are often made or stuffed with catnip . Cats go crazy about this, because the smell of catnip produces different feelings of well-being in our feline friends. Sensitivity to catnip is genetic, therefore there are some cats that do not react.

Electronic cat toys

Electronic cat toys can include elements of all of the above types of toys. Its special feature is that cats can be entertained and interact with them in a more active way , and without the participation of a human. They are ideal toys for when a cat is alone at home.

Choosing the best toy for your cat

The best way to determine which cat toys are best for your partner is to try the different types of toys . Each cat has its own personality and needs. It’s a good idea to have a mix of toys that your cat can play with and toys that allow you to interact together.

Cats like to play with toys that best mimic their favorite species of prey animal. Some cats prefer cat toys that can move like a bird (floating and flying). Others prefer that they move like a mouse or a lizard (hiding, running on the ground …)

If your cat needs to lose weight, human interactive toys are often the best to motivate them to run. You can also get a puzzle feeder to help you lose weight.


Let’s play with your cat!

Playing is a vital activity, not just for kittens. Also for adult cats!

Cats are athletic creatures with incredible strength and agility. Nature made them perfect machines for jumping, running and climbing. This is why both small cat toys and adult cat toys are so important to domestic cats. Toys help them preserve their nature and have a full life.

How to play with your cat?

To satisfy your cat’s natural instincts, think of each play session as a search for prey. Start by luring your cat around by moving the toy so that it looks like live prey. Once you have their attention, remember that the prey is moving away from the hunter, make the toy flee from your cat in short bursts to activate the chase.

Sometimes you let your cat win , allowing him to catch the toy and “kill” it. Your cat will grab the toy with its front legs, chew on it, and kick it with its back legs. Allowing your cat to “finish the slaughter” is very rewarding for him or her.

Some experts recommend ending the game with a small gift.

For maximum enjoyment, keep these additional guidelines in mind when playing with your kitty:

  • Follow the rhythm. Offer him various types of toysto find out which are his favorites and what style of play he prefers.
  • Avoid playing scratching and nibbling with your hands. This game is fun on a small kitten, but it becomes painful and dangerous when the cat is an adult. Let him learn to differentiate the toys from your hands.
  • Avoid overexciting it, it could direct its energy against you or other animals. Encourage play, but take a break if things get serious.Let him rest a bit and start over when he is calmer.
  • Some cats become frustrated or obsessed with chasing a light that they can never catch. If you notice something like this on your cat, avoid using toy laser pointers, instead use something they can chew on.
  • Go changing, if you can, the time you play with your cat, discover when it is more receptive and motivated to play. A good time to play is before eating; the cat hunts its prey and then eats it, then it will clean and go to sleep in its bed .
  • Choose a place where your cat feels safe and distractions are minimized.
  • Play with all your cats. You may have to separate them and play with them individually, if any tend to dominate playtime.


How do I keep my cat’s toys interested?

Your cat’s toys, you have to keep them fun and interesting . You may have bought several toys for your cat, and eventually she gets tired of them. If they are within reach of the cat day and night, it is normal that they lose their attractiveness.

Your cat is always going to have favorite toys, but what about the others? Are they doomed to be ignored forever? NO. Time to make a little adjustment in terms of environmental enrichment.

Here are some tips to keep toys as interesting and fun as the first day :

Rotate your cat’s toys

Like a young child, your cat can get bored with his toys. To keep them “fresh,” rotate your cat’s toys weekly , leaving only a few available at a time. If your kitty has a favorite toy that she doesn’t want to part with, consider leaving it on continuously.


Put the toys in interesting places

Instead of throwing a few toys on your cat’s bed or play area, strategically place them in places where they can spark some interest, making searching and finding them part of the game . A fake mouse hidden among plants, a toy in a half-open box or bag, another on a half-fallen window sill. Use your imagination.

Make groups of different toys

Provide your kitty with toys that offer a variety of uses : at least one toy to walk on, one to wrestle with, one to roll, one automatic .

Store your cat’s interactive toys

Interactive toys with humans for cats, which are those that have a fishing rod or magic wand design, should not be left there, within reach or sight of the cat, when you are not having a play session with your little friend . Leaving them in your sight will make them lose all their appeal. These toys are very important, and if you use them well they will be the most beneficial for your pet.

Offer him an extra prize

Food is a great incentive for any animal. Offer your cat a reward when it has finally managed to catch its ‘prey’ , or after solving some kind of puzzle or maze. Puzzle feeders are a good tool to keep your cat entertained, and to do mental exercises to get food.


Marinate with Catnip (Catnip)

Place some of your cat’s toys in a container with a little catnip, which will retain some of its aroma. Make sure the container is tightly closed, and in a place that your cat cannot reach. Once or twice a week you can bring one of the “marinated” toys to your kitty to enjoy. Use it on old toys that no longer appeal to him.

Learn from history

Pay attention to the types of toys that your cat is most excited about, use that knowledge when buying new toys. Each cat will get excited about something different, whether it is a ball that is approaching on the ground, one that makes noise, one of bright colors … Something that has interested him in the past will probably interest him again in the future .

Cat Toys Which are safe and which are dangerous?

It doesn’t take much to entertain cat lovers, all it takes is a playful cat. We love watching them stalk and pounce on objects, and most of us enjoy providing them with toys.

These toys could be bought or made by hand, or they could be everyday objects that we have around the house and double their function as toys. Many of these make great toys, cats like them, and they’re safe too . They remain intact, even when they are subject to teeth and claws.

Unfortunately, other toys are dangerous ; cats can swallow them, become entangled in them, or cut or injure themselves. Be careful when selecting and / or making cat toys, as they must be safe. Discover some safety tips:



Cats typically use their mouths and teeth to grasp, chew, carry, and generally mutilate toys. Toys that are too small can be easily swallowed. Many homemade cat toys have this problem.

Select toys that your cat cannot swallow . Ideally, your cat should be able to pick up each toy and hold it in its mouth, and it should be large enough that it cannot be swallowed.


People often select cat toys because they are adorable to look at. They can have pretty faces with big eyes, ears, and tails. They can be filled with materials to make you soft and squishy. They can also be colorful and oddly shaped. Some of these toys are safe for cats; others, although cute, are dangerous.

Safe toys cannot be dismembered. Its different parts cannot be swallowed. The filling must not be accessible, and of course it must not be toxic .

Choose sturdy toys that are well made. Remove possible badly sewn parts or labels.

Sharp edges

There are some great toys and interactive puzzle toys available that have no edges or pieces that can cut, tear or hit.

Safe, well-made toys feel soft to the touch, with no sharp or rough spots , like Bergan’s turbo scraper . Avoid toys made of aluminum and those that can be thrown away.


Threads and strings

Special care must be taken with all variants of cat toys that have some type of thread or string. You have to check that they cannot be broken, or make pieces that can be ingested . Also that they cannot create tangles in which the cat can suffer some damage.


I recommend that you do a check-up on any type of toy you buy for your cat, to check everything described above. If everything is fine, perfect, encourage your cats to play. Still, you have to keep an eye on the toys from time to time for damage that could damage them.










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