Top excuses for abandoning cats

There are many more cats than humans, and there are very few who manage to have a family that will really love them forever, until the end of their days. The abandonment of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, etc., is a very serious problem, not only for the victim who, although it is obvious, it is worth saying that it is the animal itself, but also for shelters and protectors . These centers are becoming more crowded, as it is very, very difficult to find a home for everyone.

Thus, the number of abandoned cats on the streets increases. Why? Let’s know it. Let’s find out what are the main causes for abandoning cats (or other animals).


Surely you have ever heard someone say that they had to get rid of the animal because it gave him an allergy. It is true that it is a compelling reason, but it is no less so that today many things can be done to be able to cope with the symptoms without having to send the cat to an animal shelter, such as taking the medications prescribed by the doctor, put on gloves and brush the cat every day , open the windows so that the air is renewed (of course, taking the cat to another room so that it cannot go out and escape), etc.

Behavior problems

There is a phrase said by a well-known feline therapist who says that » cats are always right .” I totally agree. Cats don’t act bad just for the sake of it, not to hurt you, not even to “get revenge” or blame you for something. They don’t understand about those issues. Cats act like this because either they were not educated correctly, because the family environment is tense and they need to vent in some way, or because they feel some physical or emotional discomfort.

In these cases, the best thing to do is take him to the vet to examine him, and if everything is correct, look for the origin of his discomfort in the family nucleus , and ask for help from a feline ethologist who works positively if it is considered necessary.

Birth of a son

Unfortunately, the belief that cats transmit toxoplasmosis, and therefore should be rid of them by pregnant women, is still deeply held. This is not like this. As we mentioned in another article , toxoplasmosis is a disease that is transmitted only if the animal’s feces are ingested , something that no one does. And anyway, we can always make a visit to the vet to see if our cat is infected. In the event that he is, he would be put into treatment and in a short period of time he could return to a normal life.


When making the decision to live with a cat, it is important that it be a responsible decision. Only in this way will dropouts be avoided.



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