Tips to Treat and Prevent Feline Eczema in cat

As we saw in previous notes, feline eczema , also known as  military dermatitis , is one of the most common skin diseases in felines, and is characterized by being the reaction that the skin presents to allergies, infections and even inflammations. In addition to being one of the most common dermis diseases, it is also one of the main causes of hair loss in this little animal.

It is for this reason, that today we bring you some tips to treat and prevent eczema in your kitten:


  • As we always repeat, the diet we give our animal is vital for this and other types of cases. It is important that we feed our cat with high-quality products that are fresh and that do not contain any type of artificial coloring, preservative or other toxic element that can deteriorate or damage its immune system.
  • If your cat suffers from eczema and the vet has already diagnosed it and is under anti-inflammatory remedies, it is important that we avoid further scratching or scratching the skin or the affected area. For this, I recommend that you use the special covers to cover the nails of your animal, in this way it will prevent it from scratching, hurting itself, and continuing to contaminate the rest of its skin with this disease.

  • Since flea bites are the most common cause of feline eczema, it is important that you always keep an eye on the condition of your cat’s skin. In the same way, you must make sure to prevent the infestation of this parasite and thus avoid this and other allergic diseases that can be produced by the bite of fleas.
  • It is recommended that you treat your animal’s skin with natural and holistic creams and remedies, rather than common medicine remedies. There are medicinal plants that can give your animal relief and prevent it from suffering discomfort from this disease. Keep in mind that feline eczema, although not fatal, if not treated in time can lead to other more serious complications.




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