Tips to get the cat used to its new home

Have you just increased your family with a furry member? If so, congratulations . Surely now you will be assaulted by many doubts regarding their care and others, right? It is normal. In the blog you will find a lot of information on how to take care of these little ones. In this article we are going to focus on what we can do to get the cat used to its new home .

Thus, the adaptation process will be much easier for both of you: both for the feline and for you.

Whether it is a kitten or an adult cat, the first days are always going to be the hardest. Until recently he was with his mother and siblings, or in an enclosure in a shelter. It must be taken into account that these animals do not like changes very much, to the point that they can feel physically bad for not knowing how to deal with them. But we can (and should) help our new friend.

To do this, in addition to making sure he has food, water and toys, we have to start dedicating time to him from day one : we will play with him, we will give him affection, … and we can also take the opportunity to teach him what he can and cannot do, but without yelling or hitting him. For example, if we do not want him to get on the table or bed, we will not give him permission to do so and, in the event that we find him up, we will simply lower him gently and say a firm NO. If later you see that he intends to go up, show him your open hand, as if you were signaling a STOP to a taxi, and say NO. In time you will learn that you cannot get on.

A newcomer cat is likely to feel shy or insecure at first. But if we give him a space where he can be calm and, above all and most importantly, we create a comfortable environment for him , he will soon feel part of the family. 😉..





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