Tips for traveling with cats by plane

The best way to ensure that the cat is going to be well during the holidays is, of course, to let it accompany us , that is, to travel with us. In this way, we will not have to worry more than necessary about his well-being, and he will be happy to be by our side.

But if it is the first time, many doubts may assail us, so I am going to give you a series of tips for traveling with cats by plane .

Book a month before

At least, you have to book a month in advance because, although most airlines allow you to bring a cat in the cabin (that is, in its carrier under the seat), sometimes this is not the case, since it may already be on the plane go the maximum number of animals allowed.

In addition, it is very, very important that, if we are going to go to another country, we notify the destination airport that we will go with a domestic animal to know its rules and conditions.

The carrier has to be approved

The cat must travel in an approved carrier , and it must be small but it can fit well. We can take advantage of the call to the airline to ask how many measures it should be, and what is the maximum weight allowed – normally the carrier with the cat inside should not weigh more than 6kg.

The cat, traveling with iron health

Of course, to travel with the cat he must be healthy. If he is convalescing, it would be best if someone take care of him since the trip could make him feel bad. But not only does he have to be healthy, but we also have to take his passport with us where the vaccines that have been given, the microchip number, and your information will appear.

How to Get Calm

Once the appointed day has arrived, it is not advisable to feed him, as it could make him feel bad. Also, you do n’t have to sedate him ; What can be done is to spray the carrier with Feliway or other similar products that will help you be calm.






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