Tips for training a cat

It has always been believed that cats were animals that were impossible to train. And, indeed, they are very independent in this regard, and they always want to do what they feel like doing the most. But it is also true that they can learn simple commands and, in fact, these are essential for a good coexistence, because we cannot let it scratch or bite us, as it could harm us.

So, if you want to start educating your furry, here are a series of tips to train a cat

The call

Cats come and go wherever they want. They are very curious, and they are always investigating. But of course, sometimes they get into places where they shouldn’t, or hide so that we don’t see them. In these situations, the command “come” can be very helpful.

For him to learn it, it is essential that, first, he knows what it is called, so each time we are with him, we will repeat it several times. Then we will start saying his name followed by the command , for example “Blacky come”, showing him a cat treat at all times. When you come to us, we will give it to you. It will have to be repeated many times, but in the end, every time he hears the word “come”, he will not hesitate to come to you.

Give me the paw

Who wouldn’t want their friend to give them the paw? It is much more difficult to teach than to a dog, but not impossible. With a lot of patience, you can achieve this, and much more 😉. You can take advantage of one of the moments that you find him sitting to touch him at the elbow joint. By reflex, you will see that he raises his leg, which will be when you have to fuck it, say “leg” and reward him.

As in the previous case, you have to repeat many times, but in the end the work will have been worth it .

Don’t go near the plants

Cats use the odd plant to purge themselves, but there are many that can be toxic to them. Thus, from an early age you have to let them know that plants cannot be nibbled. How? Very easy: saying an energetic NO (but without yelling) each time they approach them.

In the event that your friend is an adult, I recommend spraying the area around the pots (never in the same pot or directly on the plant, as they could be damaged) with cat repellent . This will also help you avoid scratching the furniture.




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