Tips for searching for a lost cat

Cats from five months of age will want to take every opportunity that comes their way to go outside, unless we spay or neuter them before they have their first heat. It is difficult to fight against the “call of nature”, against the instinct of felines, so from that age it is very important that we make sure that the windows and doors are properly closed , in order to avoid that the animal can escape.

On the street there are many dangers, especially if you live in the city or in a very populated town, but if you have a lost cat, take note of these tips that will help you look for it.

In a previous article we talked about what had to be done to find it, how to make WANTED posters with an image of the furry, your contact information and offering a financial reward (today, unfortunately, practically nobody is going to wear to look for an animal if money is not offered). But where do we have to look for it? At what time? What to do if we find it?

Well, the first thing to do is try to stay calm . It is very difficult given the situation, but it is the best we can do. This will allow us to have a calm mind, so it will be easier for us to search for it.

When will we go after him?

In the evening , when it starts to get dark. It is from those hours that cats are most active.

Where to find it?

We will look for it in our neighborhood, but it does not hurt to move a bit (up to five blocks). We will look for it in every corner that we can , calling it and looking to attract it to the canned food that we will carry in hand.

What to do if we find it?

Aside from getting excited and happy 🙂, we have to attract him to us. To do this, we will call you and show you the canned food. As it is likely that he is hungry, he will immediately come over and eat, at which time we will take the opportunity to take him and put him in the carrier.

Then, we will take him home, we will feed him and, if he has any significant injury or if we see that he is lame, we will go to the vet to examine him.



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