Tips for raising cats

If you find a kitten (or several) that have just been abandoned, surely you have many doubts about how to raise them, right? Normally, they are abandoned as soon as they are born, and at that age they are very, very fragile, and you have to be very aware of them so that they can get ahead.

To help you, I am going to give you a few tips for raising cats. 

A kitten, until it is at least two months old, is highly dependent on its mother. She is not only in charge of taking care of him and feeding him, but also of teaching him how a cat should behave. But of course, sometimes humans do not respect this time, and for whatever reason separates the young from their mother when they are little more than “balls” of hair. If these little ones are lucky enough to find someone to take care of them, fine. But of course, how do they take care of themselves?

Raising such small cats is a task that will keep us busy for much of the day, as we will see below. Therefore, you have to be very patient, and always be very respectful with the animals that we have in our care. If we see that we are not going to be able, the best we can do is find someone (a Protective of Animals, for example), who can.

Now, let’s see how to take care of these little ones:

  • Feeding:during the first month of age, they should be given milk specially formulated for kittens, first with a syringe without a needle, and once they begin to have their eyes open and their ears detached, with a bottle, more or less every 3-4 hours .
  • Needs:after each meal, and if they are very babies, it is important to pass them a gauze moistened with warm water so that they do their physiological needs. In the case that they are larger, they must be taken to the hygienic tray so that they learn to make their bowel movements there.
  • Protect them from the cold: itis important that you avoid getting cold, so you have to wrap them with a blanket and make sure they are protected from cold drafts.


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