Tips for living with a blind cat

Thinking of adopting a blind cat or is your kitty losing her vision? Here’s what you can do to keep a blind cat happy and safe.


A blind cat or a visually impaired cat is often viewed as unacceptable. Blind cats can seem strange or be seen as too big of a burden , and why “waste” valuable cage space that could be used for a cat that is more likely to find a home? They and other special needs cats are often the first to be sentenced to death in open admission shelters for that very reason.

But the tides are turning. Gwen Cooper’s best-selling memoir, Homer´s Odyssey, captured the hearts of cat lovers around the world, and organizations like Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary have done a lot of work to raise awareness of just how wonderful and “normal” it is. they are the blind felines. That being said, there are some special considerations involved in caring for a blind cat. Here are some tips you can use if your cat is losing his sight or if you are thinking of bringing a blind cat into your family.

  1. Use the other senses of a blind cat to guide him towards his home

Cats that cannot see still have the use of their other senses. They can perceive the world through hearing, smell, taste, and touch, so take advantage of those other senses to help your blind cat navigate.

  1. You can move your furniture if you have a blind cat

It is said that you should never rearrange your home if you live with a blind cat. But according to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, that’s not true – a blind cat can discover the new furniture locations, even if they need a little more time to reorient themselves. However, keep important things like litter boxes and food plates in the same places.

  1. If you pick up a blind cat and move it, place it where it can orient itself.

Since blind kittens are oriented by smell and touch, if you need to pick up your blind cat and take her to another room, place her near a litter box, her food dishes, her bed, or a place where the textures of thechange. floor.

  1. Noisy toys are best for blind cats.

Although blind cats cannot see, they love to play and hunt as much as any other cat. There are many toys available to stimulate a cat’s hearing and smell. Blind cats love crumpled toys and catnip- filled kickers Interactive toys can be moved and manipulated to make noise, allowing a blind cat to track its “prey” with its ears.

  1. Let your cat know that you are approaching

Blind cats can be more easily startled than others, especially if they also lose their hearing. Be sure to let your blind cat know that you are coming and don’t pick her up off the ground without an introductory “hello” and some gentle stroking .

  1. If your cat is losing his vision, be patient with him

Cats often react to weakness by hiding that weakness, perhaps becoming more distant or aggressive. Others may become more dependent or clingy. However, your cat reacts to your changing vision, be kind and compassionate, and imagine how it would feel if it were going through the same thing. Also, talk to your cat when you come and go to make sure you are around.

  1. Don’t leave your blind cat outside unsupervised

Although blind cats move perfectly in their inner world, it does not make sense to expose them to the risks of life outdoors. However, an outdoor enclosure or a walk on a leash, if your blind kitty is a bit sad , could be a wonderful boost to her quality of life.



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