Tips for leaving your cat home alone

What does your cat do all day while you are on vacation? Probably weird things, like sitting on the chairs, on the sofas, in the bed, doing their “things” in the bathtub …

As much as you want to spend every day with your cat, sometimes you and your family have to take a few days off.

Instead of worrying, make sure someone is looking after him in your absence. It might be fine if you only leave it for a few days, but it’s worth taking precautions just for peace of mind.

So how long can you leave your cat alone?

The time may vary depending on some factors, such as your cat’s behavior, eating habits, and health. But generally speaking,  you shouldn’t leave your cat unattended for more than 24 hours  and almost forbidden more than 48 hours. Although that time can increase if you have a cat that lives outside.

To leave your cat alone at home when you go on vacation , I show you these simple steps.

Precautions to leave your cat alone

Whether you’ve been gone for a week or even a few hours, you should follow these steps daily.

Eliminate any danger . With so much time alone, your cat will probably get bored. And with no one at home, there is nothing to stop you from doing what you please. You should leave your house prepared “cat proof” before leaving. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Chemicals, medications, and any other hazardous materials must be locked up.
  • Similarly, you should hide anything small that can be ingested.
  • Put away all non-cat food, including anything you might try to open with your teeth
  • Sharp materials must be out of reach.
  • The doors of the rooms must be completely closed or open, so that they are not locked in a room.
  • Be careful with power lines.
  • Do a final check of your house and make sure there is no danger. This can include heavy objects that can be easily knocked over, don’t forget that cats will climb anywhere, no matter how difficult it is.

Leave their toys within reach . Make sure your cat’s favorite toys are easily accessible so he can keep himself entertained. If you have another cat, great, you can entertain yourself together.

Leave the litter box clean . You must make sure to leave it very clean before going out for a long time.

Keep the house at a suitable temperature . While cats are quite hardy and can withstand most climates, it is best for their health and happiness to live in a warm environment. Comfort levels may differ from one cat to another, my Persian cat requires less room temperature and has a good coat of fur.

In the winter, make sure all windows are closed tightly, and keep heating temperatures to a minimum that will help prevent pipes from freezing too.



Ways to keep your cat entertained while you are not at home

Cardboard boxes. Cats love to play with boxes. The simple cardboard box is a fun, inexpensive, and easy-to-get item to keep your cat hooked and entertained while you’re out and about. They are easy to find, pose no risk to your cat, and can be easily replaced once the box is broken.

Paper and paper bags. The crumpled sound of paper and its ability to change shape makes it an attractive, low-cost material that your cat will love.

Paper bags are fun too. Like cardboard boxes, your kitty can jump in and out and rip holes to use as tunnels. Just remember to remove the handles found on the paper bag as they can be a choking hazard.

Specific furniture for cats. Your cat is a member of the family, so it deserves its own furniture. Furniture for cats can be:

  • Cat trees.

Cat trees come in a wide variety of configurations and will keep your cat happy and entertained.

Cat trees and other cat-specific furniture help protect your furniture, with a little training your cat will bring out her natural kitty instincts in her tree, rather than in your couches and chairs.

A room with good views

Cats are drawn to the outside world and like to see it from a high position. Leave the blinds of a window open so that your cat is entertained watching the street. Alternatively, you can install a cat hammock that can be a shelf or move a piece of furniture like a shelf near the window so they have a good view while they are at work.

A fun fish tank

While fish and cats aren’t always the best match, a well-secured, out-of-reach fish tank can keep your cat entertained and visually stimulated while you are not at home. I had a cat that fell asleep hugging the fish tank.

Another feline friend

A cat friend could be the perfect solution for cats that spend a lot of time at home alone. Obviously adopting another cat is a huge responsibility, so make sure you are prepared for it.

Set up a special space

You can designate a room in the house as a “play area.” It would be interesting if that room has a window to the street that the cat can access, this way it will be more entertaining.


Other options if a cat stays home alone when you go on vacation

If you leave your cat alone for more than 24 hours, perhaps you should consider one of the following options:

Get a “cat sitter”

If you’re only going to be away from home for two or three days, the easiest option is for a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor to spend a little time with your cat. Ideally, your cat should know this person, so that they do not consider them an intruder or a threat.

They don’t need to be a long visit as they just need to make sure you have fresh water, a bowl full of food, and are in good health. The biggest advantage of this option is that your cat will feel comfortable in his home environment.

Find a temporary home

I’m sure you know someone so enthusiastic about cats that they would be willing to house your little one for a week or two. If someone already has cats, what does one more mean? Just make sure your cat is comfortable in that house. It is also worth making sure that your cat gets along well with the other cats, or any other animals that are there.

Book a residence or hotel for cats

Making a reservation at a residence can give you peace of mind that your cat will be healthy and cared for while you are away.

The best thing is that your cat is being cared for by professionals and also will not have time to feel alone because it will be close to people and animals at all times. Not everything is positive, the experience can be stressful for some cats who do not like to be away from home or in a busy environment.

If you are going to book in a hotel or residence for cats:

  • Select one that has licenses in order.
  • Visit it before deciding which one is right for your cat. Make sure food and water containers are clean and tidy and there is no bad smell
  • Make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up-to-date so that they are protected from any diseases they may catch from other cats that stay there
  • Give the residence the necessary information about the feeding of your cat.

Take your cat with you

Depending on where you are going and how you arrive, you may be able to take your cat. It is not recommended that you take your cat with you. The agitation that your pet can have leaving their home can be very stressful and leave them feeling disoriented by strange smells. You can also assume that it has to be kept in a room for fear that it will be lost in unfamiliar territory, which could cause problems.



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