Tips for knowing where to put your cat’s food

The cat can be seen as a low maintenance pet compared to the dog, which of course also has its needs and interaction with its owners as part of its daily life. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your cat is a “feed and forget” type of pet. Cats need as much care as dogs , although in different ways.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your cat will be happy and caring for her will be easier if all the things she needs are gathered and kept in one place in your home. Placing your cat’s litter tray, bed, food, and water bowls close to each other is not the optimal way to care for her, and can even cause stress.

In this article I will focus on giving you some advice about your cat’s food bowl , and how to choose the perfect place in your home for its placement.

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  • Choose a suitable feeder for your cat
  • Choose a quiet area of ​​the house
  • Keep the food bowl away from the litter box
  • Separate food bowl and water
  • You can create different feeding stations
  • Choose a permanent place for the feeder
  1. Choose a suitable feeder for your cat

Cats use their bowl to eat several times a day, making them one of the most important products you will buy for your furry. So first of all, make sure your cat’s bowl is safe for him.

Your cat’s feeder should be shallow and wide, for example, allowing them to control their surroundings. Also, the cat does not like his whiskers touching the edge of the bowl.

The food bowl should be large enough for a single meal, but not large enough to encourage overeating.

There is a great variety of materials, but the most used are stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, glass and new ones such as biodegradable ones.

Cat bowls must be manufactured from safe materials that are not harmful to the cat’s health. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Your cat’s bowl should not absorb or retain odors, as this will discourage the cat from using it.

  1. Choose a quiet area of ​​the house

Once you’ve purchased the correct bowl, choose a spot in your home where there is not a lot of traffic. A quiet space, such as a bathroom or hallway, will help keep your cat relaxed so that he can eat in peace.

Due to its proximity to the pantry, sink, and trash, the kitchen can be a suitable place for your cat’s bowl . If your house is quiet, the kitchen can be useful, I have it there. But, if your kitchen is a space full of activity, it is not the best location. The ruckus could make your cat nervous when eating, or someone could accidentally step on it.

  1. Keep the food bowl away from the litter box

The food and litter boxes should be kept away . The main reason is to avoid cross contamination that can happen when cats eat after using the litter box. If the litter particles end up in the food or water bowl, they can be eaten and make your cat sick.

In addition, in nature, cats relieve themselves far from their nest, so that predators do not perceive their scent.

At home, having food and litter close to each other can confuse your cat, as he may not be sure whether to eat or use the bathroom. Your cat may decide not to use the litter box, which could be problematic.

  1. Separate food bowl and water

Although double bowl food and water holders are widely used, your cat’s food and water should be kept in two different places .

Cats do not enjoy the aroma of food while drinking water. Also because the water can be contaminated with food scraps.

This is thought to be an ancient trait, because cats would hunt far from their water source.

  1. You can create different feeding stations

If you have multiple cats, mealtime could be a problem, especially if one alpha cat is bullying the others.

To ensure that each cat is fed properly, create feeding stations in different parts of the house. That way, each cat will have its own safe space to eat without being intimidated or harassed.

  1. Choose a permanent place for the feeder

Cats are creatures of habit and routine. When choosing a definitive location, always keep your bowls there . Moving the bowl frequently will only confuse your cat, causing it to disrupt its regular eating and drinking hours.

Limit yourself to moving the food bowl only in certain circumstances, when your cat is old or injured and has difficulty walking.

On the contrary, if your cat suffers from obesity, you can place it away for physical activity.




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