Tips for finding the best cat breed

There are many breeds of cats, some without hair, others with long hair, others short, white, black, or even tricolor … Some are better adapted than others to live in flats and apartments, while there are others that can only be in houses located in a quiet neighborhood where they can go for a walk. Considering the panorama, it is not easy to decide on one, right? 

But don’t worry: we will help you. Here are a series of tips to find the best breed of cat .

Depending on the time you can dedicate, your personal tastes and whether or not there are children at home, there are a limited number of cat breeds that you can choose from. For example:

Cat breeds for people with allergies

If someone in your family or yourself thinks you may have an allergy to cat dander, but you still want to live with one of them, there are some hypoallergenic breeds:

  • Siberian cat :despite having long hair, it is the breed that produces the lowest levels of FEL D1, which is the allergen that causes allergies.
  • Devon Rex :has very short hair, so it does not need much attention (except, of course, food, water, and pampering).
  • Balinese– This is a breed derived from the Siamese. He has short hair, which needs to be brushed from time to time.

Cat breeds for active people

If you are a person who likes to be doing something constantly, and you are looking for a cat with which to spend very fun times at home, and with whom you can also go for a walk, these breeds are the most recommended:

  • Bengal: this beautiful tabby cat comes from a cross between a domestic cat and a leopard cat. You need contact with the outside, or at least, be able to do a lot of exercise at home.
  • Savannah– This is probably the largest breed of cat (it can weigh up to 20kg). It comes from a cross between domestic and serval cats. He likes to go out for a walk, in fact, it is something he needs.

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