Tips for adopting a stray cat

Sometimes you meet a cat that, although it lives on the street, has a very sociable character with people, very calm and affectionate. This furry man has probably been abandoned by his human family, and is looking forward to being part of one again.

If we decide to host it, we have to take into account a series of things before so that there are no surprises later. In this way, we will start a relationship that will be very good from the beginning. How? With the tips to adopt a stray cat that I am going to give you 🙂.

Learn to distinguish feral cats from abandoned ones

Although there are many cats in the street, we have to distinguish feral cats from those that have been abandoned. The former have never had human contact (except, perhaps, with the volunteer who brings them food) and, therefore, they will be very suspicious every time we want to get close to the point that they will most likely run away .

But the cat that has been abandoned is different . He may be afraid of humans, but it won’t take him much to get closer if we insist little by little and if we show him food. In addition, it is easy to find one that approaches you looking, not for food, but a little attention and affection.

Be patient with the stray cat

If we finally decide to adopt a stray cat, we have to be very patient and start the friendship relationship from the same street. For a few days we have to get close to him, bringing him wet food, and we can even spend time playing with him . Why do it this way? Because that way it will be much easier for us to move him home later, since by then he will have gained our confidence. In the event that you are in a dangerous area, we will immediately take you to your new home .

Once he approaches us asking for pampering, it will be time to take him with us. A home in which we will have to have bought your bed, sandbox, food and water so that you can have your needs met. So that it is not too stressful for him, it is better that we keep him in a room for a couple of days , and then open the door for him to investigate.

If we want to make sure that everything will go well, or more or less well, it is highly advisable to plug in several Feliway diffusers around the house. That way you won’t feel so surprised.


A cat that has been abandoned can go back to living with humans, as long as it is patient with and cared for with respect.


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