Tips for adopting a kitten

Adopting an animal is a highly recommended option every time we want to expand the family, since we not only help the little dog that we will take home but also make room for another who is living -or better said, badly living- on the street . But to make it a really nice experience for both parties, I’m going to give you tips for adopting a kitten .

Why? Because it usually happens that this young animal is adopted and then, when it finishes growing, it returns again to the shelter or the street. It is very important to always keep in mind that, from the first moment we sign the adoption contract, we acquire a commitment to the cat that should never be broken, for the simple reason that a cat is a furry one that has feelings .

Think if you can take care of him

Cats can live an average of 20 years. It is impossible to know where and how we will be in twenty years, but… if we had to worry about that surely nothing we know would be the same. When a new human member comes into the family, parents do everything they can and more to keep him well cared for. With the arrival of a kitten you have to do the same.

If you like cats, if you can take care of the little one, if you can take him to the vet every time he needs it, then you can consider adopting a kitten.

Prepare the house before your arrival

Kittens are VERY naughty. It is true that they spend hours – about 18 – sleeping, but during the rest of the day they run, play, do mischief … They have a lot of energy, and they will burn that energy doing anything. For this reason, when you go to adopt your dog, you must have prepared the house beforehand, with scratchers, toys, and of course with everything you will need : bed, drinking bowl, feeder and a litter tray.

Observe it before deciding on it

Before deciding on one in particular, I recommend that you spend some time with all the kittens. So you can see how they behave, what character they have, what they think of humans … In this way, it will be much easier for you to take home the kitten that you like the best … or the one that you like best, which can also happen 🙂 .

Once home, you will only have to do one thing, well, two: take care of him and enjoy his company.


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