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Cats are wonderful creatures and capable of so much love, much more than you think. It is often difficult to fully understand them but, by learning to know and decipher them, we can realize how truly special they are.

The cat moves sinuously and elegantly in small delicate steps. He loves discovering the world around him with curiosity and intelligence. She knows how to express her emotions and manages to penetrate our soul with those magical and simply beautiful eyes of hers.

It is no coincidence that many people choose to take care of one (often even more) in their own home. Living with a cat it is a unique experience of its kind that allows us to discover a mysterious world, but also fun and full of cuddles and moments of tenderness.

The Benefits Of Caring For A Cat

Living with a cat requires commitment, patience and the right knowledge. The small domestic felines are not simple “soft toys” to keep crammed in a corner or to show off to friends and relatives when they come to visit us.

They are creatures that have specific needs, which we must always keep in mind. At the same time they also manage to fill our lives in a positive way, with many beautiful things which positively affect our mind and our state of mind.

This is why it is important to take all of this into account, a general picture that is based on subtle (but not too much) balance. The key word is “respect”, as for any sweet domestic four-legged friend.

A Cat Changes Your Life

When a cat puts its paw in home ours, becomes to all intents and purposes part of the family. Although it is not a “pack” animal, as happens for the dog, it manages to integrate perfectly into the domestic environment while remaining faithful to its nature.

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Living with a cat implies fully understanding all of this. And the fact of look after him ever since he was a child he has been able to touch the most intimate strings of our hearts, confronting us with a sense of responsibility that is reserved only for special people. Or, as in this case, a company on all fours.

Kitty he needs to play, to eat his good food, to have comfortable beds on which to crush his long and beloved naps. He needs care and visits to the vet, so whoever chooses to be his owner takes on a great responsibility.

A Relationship Made Of Balance And Respect

If we had to summarize in two words the bond between man and cat, the most suitable would undoubtedly be “balance” and “respect”. Choosing to adopt a cat puts us in front of the discovery of a world unknown to the most unknown, made up of thin ties that could break for a trifle.

The cat is a creature amazing, capable of becoming very attached to the people who take care of him. Don’t consider him a selfish and overbearing animal, because it’s a stupid and absolutely wrong prejudice that risks compromising the birth of a bond with him. And here our aim is to make even the irreducible change their mind!

When dealing with cats, one must start from an essential assumption: they are not dogs! It is not said that they make you happy every time you return from work, nor that they particularly love caresses or that they want to spend the whole time with you. And that doesn’t mean they don’t love you, they are simply themselves!

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A Little Ball Of Fur And Happiness

If cats have always been considered gods magical creatures, almost endowed with powers, there is a reason. Just look at them to understand how particular and unique they are in the world and choosing them as life partners elevates us into their world of dreams and mystery.

Popular beliefs aside, the beneficial influence of a cat in the house is more than evident. Not only does it help us become more aware of ourselves, making us more responsible and attentive, but it teaches us to observe the world in a new light.

Cats are said to be aloof and indifferent animals, but truth be told they are extremely vigilant and they don’t miss even the slightest movement in the house. Living with a cat teaches us to take things more lightly, to let ugliness and negative thoughts slide over us. After all, being a cat isn’t that bad!

Not to mention how much the presence of a cat affects our body. coexistence with these tender and adorable pets naturally increases the production of endorphins, i.e. the neurotransmitters that counteract anxiety, stress and sadness. Well yes, even science confirms that living with a cat makes you happy!

The Therapeutic Power Of Cats

If you still don’t believe that living with a cat is a experience to try, probably continuing to read you will realize that there is much more to discover in terms of small domestic felines. You have surely heard of the therapeutic power of pets on people.

We always refer to dogs, or at least in most cases it is. In reality, however, this “power” is in the hands (oops, in the paw) even of cats. Their proximity or even just their presence it is able to stimulate parts of us that we often leave out. It teaches us to be empathetic, to practice genuine and natural generosity, and to connect with their deepest emotions.

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Living with a cat is pure magic. And it’s good for us both physically and mentally, feeding us a sense of well-being as only these sweet creatures are able to do.

Sharing Many Moments With Micio

When you are sad or happy. If the day goes wrong and everything seems dark to you, or on the contrary when you have reached a good goal and you are satisfied. In any situation the presence of a cat can really make a difference.

Cats understand our feelings, although they often don’t show it too much. They are not lacking in enthusiasm, they simply communicate with a language of their own made up of small signs and gestures that we often struggle to understand. But they are there, they are always there for us for better or for worse.

Living with a cat means taking care of it, but also sharing the most disparate experiences together. AND everything will be better and colorful, while our heart is filled with good feelings and pure and sincere emotions.

If on the one hand there is the (sacrosanct) responsibility, on the other there is the “reward” we receive in exchange for our commitment and attention: happy years together with Micio our adorable furry little one!

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