The spectacular Toyger cat

If you would like to have a small tiger at home that is affectionate and cuddly like few others, the Toyger cat is without a doubt your breed . This furry guy loves to be the center of attention, so much so that he doesn’t hesitate to perch on the lap of the first one who pays attention to him a bit.

He is sociable by nature , so if in the future you want to expand the family, with this little one problems, although they may arise, will be solved faster than you could imagine.

Origin and history of the Toyger cat


Our furry protagonist began his journey around the world in 1980, when Judy Sudgen, creator of the breed, selected domestic cats that had the best design of black lines present in tigers , known as the mackerel tabby. Shortly after they crossed with the flares to add the reddish-brown color, and then the nose and long fingers were modified.

Meanwhile, his behavior also changed: he became more and more homely, more loving . According to Judy herself, she did not intend to recreate what nature had done with tigers, but rather wanted to create a furry that had the features of big cats and that could live as a family.

Characteristics of the Toyger cat


The Toyger cat is medium in size, weighing between 4 to 6kg . Its body is muscular, with medium-length and robust legs, with long toes. It is protected by a coat of short mackerel tabby hair, striped with black or brown. The head is oval in shape, and the eyes are wide apart and dark in color. Its tail is long.

It has a life expectancy of between 14 and 18 years .

Behavior and personality


This is an animal that has a medium-high level of energy. He likes to play, run, and have a great time with his family . Of course, after practicing a little exercise, he will look to snuggle up close to his favorite human to take a nap or watch TV (or make him watch it 🙂).

The Toyger loves running as much as looking out the window, something he will undoubtedly do on a daily basis. In addition, as it is a very intelligent furry, you can teach it to walk with a harness and leash from a young age.

Toyger cat care



It is necessary that you give him high quality food, whether it is feed, wet food, or Barf, since otherwise he could develop an allergy or food intolerance. Therefore, it is important that the food that is given respects its instinct, which is none other than that of a predator.

Bearing this in mind, for you to be in good health it is essential that your diet is based on meat and / or fish . Likewise, it is also important to read the label of the ingredients of cat treats, since if they are made with cereals they will not do you much good.


Its hair is short, so it does not need much care since the Toyger cat takes care of keeping it clean. But it is necessary that you help him with dead hair, since if he swallows a lot of these they accumulate in his stomach, forming what is known as hairballs. So do not hesitate to brush at least once a day with a specific brush for these animals.


It is not a breed that has serious diseases, beyond those that any other cat may have throughout its life. However, you as their caregiver should be aware of any symptoms that may appear and that worry you , such as loss of appetite, apathy or lethargy. If this happens, you have to contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Affection and company


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A cat that does not receive the love and company it needs from its family is a cat that will not be happy. Therefore, if you really want a Toyger, you have to try to spend as much time as you can with him, and show him that you love him (without overwhelming him), for example by playing with him or giving him the odd treat.


The Toyger cat breed is amazing. Being so similar to the tiger, it is logical to think that more than one wants to live with this animal. But that decision should not be taken lightly, but you have to think very well about whether you are going to be able to spend time with him, and whether you are going to take care of him as he deserves.

If you have answered yes, then you should keep in mind that the price of a puppy is between 800 and 1000 euros , as long as you get it in a kennel. In the event that you choose to get it in a pet store, the price will be lower.



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