The Somali cat

We could say many things about the Somali cat, but the first that comes to mind is one word: majesty . It is an animal that has a dense coat of hair but without reaching the ends, which gives it a very elegant appearance. But also that elegance is not only external, but we can also see it in the way he walks and behaves.

Since its origins, in the middle of the last century, the Somali cat has conquered millions of hearts. Will he do it with yours?

History of the Somali cat

Our protagonist is a furry man who arose almost by chance . In the 1950s in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Abyssinian cats were being worked, which were crossed with Siamese and Persian cats in order to improve the breed. But it was not expected that, more and more often, long-haired kittens would appear.

In the 60’s a breeder opted for these furry ones , who worked with them so that they were recognized as a breed. In 1979 the Cat Fancier Association (CFA) made his dream come true, and in 1982 the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe).

Physical characteristics

This beautiful cat weighs between 3.5 and 5.1kg . Its body is muscular, agile, with long, thin legs. The head is rounded, with the ears erect and always attentive. The eyes are almond or green. The tail is long and has abundant fur, similar to that of the fox. Its coat is fine, dense, soft and of medium length.

The color can be wild (black and peach bands), blue (blue-gray and cream bands), sorrel (chocolate and peach bands), fawn (dark cream and muted beige bands).

Somali cat behavior

He is intelligent, outgoing, playful and very loving . He is also very curious, something that he will demonstrate every day when he wants to explore his home. He enjoys being outside, although he adapts well to living in a flat as long as toys are provided. Given its intelligence, you can even buy an interactive cat toy and have a great time with it.

What care do you need?


For it to have a good development it is highly recommended to give it a good quality diet . Today we have both feed (wet and dry) and more natural food (Diet Yum, Summum) that respect the body of the feline by containing only ingredients that the cat itself would eat if it were in nature.

Feed and food containing grains and by-products often cause allergies to animals as they cannot digest them; Therefore, whenever possible it is better to give the cat a food that does not contain these ingredients.


  • Hair : once a day it should be brushed to remove dead hair and prevent it from getting tangled. For this you can use the FURminator, which is a brush with rigid bristles, or others similar.
  • Eyes : two or three times a week, the eyes should be cleaned with a gauze moistened with chamomile (infused).
  • Ears : once a week or every 15 days, the ears should be cleaned with special drops prescribed by a veterinarian.


The Somali cat is in very good health , although, like all cats, it can contract some disease. For this reason, it is important to take him to the vet every time he is suspected of being ill .

Attention and games


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Every day you have to spend time with him, play with him and keep him company. It is essential to make him see and feel that he is really part of the family , and for that it is convenient to treat him as such, that is, with respect, patience and affection.

During your absence, that is, when you are working, or have gone to do the shopping, it is advisable to leave something to do to keep you busy. For example, it is interesting to leave cat treats hidden around the house, or an interactive toy.

Thus, although it is true that he will spend many hours sleeping, when he wakes up he can entertain himself a little until you return.

How much does a somali cat cost?

The Somali cat is a breed of feline that, without a doubt, we are sure that it will quickly conquer the hearts of your family, and yours. It is a furry with whom you are going to spend unforgettable moments: some will be better than others, and it may sometimes make you cry. But he will give you a lot of love, as long as he takes good care of himself and respects himself as an animal and as an individual.

Therefore, if you take all this into account, and you have decided to buy a puppy, you should know that it costs around 700 euros in a kennel, or about 400 euros in a pet store.



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