The orange tabby cat Breed

The orange tabby cat may aspire to be the most outgoing of all domestic felines. Thanks to Garfield, the most loved cartoon cat by those of us who were children in the ’90s, this is a furry man who can put a smile on our faces every day just by looking at us.

And it is that his look is very tender, and that is something that he tastes very well: he often uses it to get what he wants, from a candy to a caress. The funny thing is, he always gets what he wants, because … who can ignore the orange tabby?

Origin and characteristics of the tabby cat


The pattern of these beautiful animals is one of the oldest; In fact, if we compare a wild cat (for example, a mountain) with any domestic tabby cat, we will see that they have many common characteristics.

Orange tabby cats, also known as ” orange tabby, ” have many different coats: red, orange, or even golden yellow. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the breed they belong to can determine their behavior, since certain breeds share common personality traits.

Still, it is important to mention that the ‘orange tabby’ are not a specific breed, but rather a type of color pattern that occurs in many feline breeds. A tabby cat of any color, including orange ones, has stripes on its fur , lines on its face and around its eyes, and a kind of “M” -shaped mark on its forehead. The stripes usually appear a shade or two darker than the main orange of the coat.

And it is that these felines belong to different races, since there are both long-haired and short-haired.

Genetics of tabby cats


Tabby cats can have different color patterns. Gen T (tabby) is in charge of deciding what drawing the animal’s fur will have:

  • Golden Tabby: golden or orange base.
  • Marbling or veined (Blotched): broad color stripes, and they form swirls.
  • Silver Tabby: silver colored base.
  • Striped, Striped, or Marbled (Mackerel): This pattern features stripes or bands all over the body. It is the most common.
  • Spotted: spots distributed over the body.
  • Tabby Tic (Ticked): with colored dots in each hair.
  • Orange Tabby: like our protagonist, orange or white base with stripes of a slightly darker orange color, which can be present all over the body or just somewhere.

Behavior of orange tabby cats


The cat that has this color pattern need to be socialized properly so that they can become furry adults who want to spend time with the family. For this, it is important that from the month and a half of age humans take it in their arms and give it affection; Thus, little by little you will gain confidence in them and, over the course of a few days, you will want to play with them. When you have become comfortable with people, you can be separated from your mother. This will not be done unless the cat is at least eight weeks old , since during the first two months of life their mother and siblings will learn all the basics of being a cat: control the force of the bite, play, don’t stray too far from the safe place, or stay clean.

Like all the furry we bring home, the orange tabby will need veterinary attention : we will take it for an examination once a year, and for it to get all the vaccinations that are required. Nor can we forget to sterilize him, especially if we do not intend to raise him or if he will have permission to go outside. In this way, by not having to go through heat, your life will be much calmer and longer lasting, since the chances of developing cancer are considerably reduced.


This is an intervention that veterinarians perform on a daily basis, which does not last more than 30 minutes on average. The males recover quickly, in fact, it is likely that that same day they already want to return to their normal life; the females take a little longer: from 2 to 5 days, but considering that they will be able to enjoy their years of life more, it is worth it. And this is an intervention that will influence the character of the cat, making it more sedentary, calmer and even somewhat more sociable.

Still, the way you are treated at home will be decisive . If he is educated with respect, affection and, above all, a lot of patience, I can assure you that this furry will never have any behavior problem. On the contrary, if it is ignored or mistreated, then you are going to live with a cat that is going to be afraid of you and of all humans, and therefore will not be happy.

That said, buy toys as this cat loves to play. For this reason, if you have children, he will quickly become their new furry best friend 😉.

Orange tabby price


This beautiful and friendly cat can be found in animal shelters , such as in shelters , where you will only have to pay for the adoption costs. This price is usually around 80 euros, which includes the microchip, vaccines and deworming.

Now, if you want a breed of cat with orange hair , such as the Manx or the Maine Coon, you will have to look for a professional cattery that is dedicated to raising these furry ones, and that also takes good care of them. For a kitten, they can easily ask you between 300 and 500 euros , depending on the breed.

How to choose a good cattery to buy a tabby cat?

Serious and professional kennels have these characteristics :

  • The facilities where the cats are are clean, without bad smells or stains.
  • The animals look healthy and happy.
  • Kittens spend as much time as they want with their mother, from whom they will not be separated until they are 2 or 3 months old.
  • The manager answers all the questions you have.
  • At the time of delivery, they will also give you all the papers related to the pedigree of the animal.

If you see something that doesn’t quite convince you, turn around and look for another kennel.

The orange tabby cat is an amazing animal. Do you have a furry at home?

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