The main diseases that can affect your cat?

The cat is one of the most domesticated animals in our society. This animal often shows signs of pathologies that can seriously damage its physical health and subtly lead it to death. These cat diseases, sometimes serious or benign, are of viral or bacterial origin. They can also come from the unhealthy environment. The main diseases that can affect your cat? If you are asking yourself this question, then read this article to find out more.

Serious illnesses

A serious illness is a catastrophic illness which requires that the subject be hospitalized otherwise he would inevitably die. It is difficult to recover from such an illness. When it comes to cats, there are several serious illnesses.

Feline rabies

People believe in vain that the cat also cannot have feline rabies. Yet any biting animal can contract this fatal disease. If your cat is in a fight with another carrier of the feline rabies virus, your cat may be infected during a bite. Because the contamination is generally done by saliva. The virus enters the skin of a cat that has been bitten. It passes through the nerves of the animal to reach the brain to contaminate it. This will affect your sick cat’s other organs and cells as well. According to vets, the incubation time is between two weeks and one month. The cat will show the first symptoms. He will become fearful. He will spend his time drooling too. At the slightest noise or gesture, he becomes aggressive. In the long run, your cat with feline rabies will have difficulty moving around. Its limbs can be paralyzed if not treated in time.

Cat coronavirus

Your cat may have coronavirus, a serious but very rare disease whose virus causes feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). In fact, this is due to the virus (RNA type) which often changes shape in the body. It causes several diseases, the most fatal of which is FIP. When a cat has FIP, it gets diarrhea because of digestive problems. He vomits often and loses the urge to feed. The dry form of feline infectious peritonitis affects the kidneys, animal’s eye, nervous system, and liver. The temperature of the animal can be 40 degrees or more. As in humans, the coronavirus causes breathing difficulties in animals.

Feline leukemia

One of the most serious illnesses that can affect cats is feline leukemia. Experts believe that it is a typical disease of cats. It is not transmissible to other animals. Veterinarians present with cat leukemiaand cat AIDS (FIV) as the leading killer of cats. Cat leukemia is caused by a retrovirus. It generally attacks cats that live in communities. Neutered male cats are no exception. This disease is transmitted through urine, saliva and blood. The sick cat becomes prey for further injections. The virus in the blood can wait months or even years to start. The sick cat may bleed through its nostrils or even through its mouth. This means that the bone marrow, the blood platelet, the white blood cells are attacked. It is the terminal phase and the cat has very little chance of curing if it is not treated in time. Besides FIV, there is also feline leukosis which is contracted by a retrovirus.

Benign illnesses

A mild illness is any illness that does not affect your health too much. The subject is not in pain and does not need to be hospitalized when showing symptoms of the disease. One does not need to exert great efforts to obtain healing either. Here are the mild illnesses that can affect your cats.

Feline acne

Feline acne is manifested by the appearance of numerous pimples on the cat’s chin and lower lip. It is in fact the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles of the cat. Scabs and comedones then appear on the chin. Feline acne can also cause inflammation followed by pustules. The cat can regain health after prescription drugs from the veterinarian.

Feline asthma

The cat can be a victim of feline asthma. It is a respiratory disease caused by muscle contractions. If asthma attacks are often complicated in animals, it must still be recognized that they are due to allergies. Indeed, the owner of the cat may be a heavy smoker or the animal is allergic to cigarette smoke. The cat can also be allergic to pollens, parasites, dust if its dormitory is not cleaned thoroughly. Age can also be the basis of asthma in cats, which will have cough and difficulty breathing. According to veterinarians, feline asthma does not cure. It is suitable for the owner to sanitize the cat’s environment and get rid of parasites.


It is a disease which is characterized by the cat’s lack of appetite. Indeed, this disease usually caused by bacteria can cause the loss of the cat’s teeth hence its refusal to eat hard foods. The animal is losing weight every day. If your cat has this disease, send it to a veterinarian who will examine it and prescribe antibiotics. These drugs will disinfect her mouth filled with bacteria and allow your cat to regain health.



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