The gray cat Breed

Cats are very mysterious. Some endearing animals, though sometimes a bit rebellious They are loved by millions of people around the world, and many live with a human family. There are many colors: white, black, orange, two-color, three-color, … and gray.

The gray cat is an animal that attracts more and more attention. The reason? It’s unclear, but it sure has a dark colored coat that will make their eyes, whether yellow or green, stand out. The result is a look that mesmerizes, that hits your heart.

Gray cat breeds

There are several breeds of gray cats, and they are the Angora, the Persian, the Russian Blue, the Carthusian, Egyptian Mau, Oriental shorthair and, of course, the European Common. Let’s see them separately to get to know them better:



The Turkish Angora breed is native, as its name suggests, from Turkey. It is one of the oldest, and has remained practically intact to this day. It is characterized by having long hair, an athletic and elegant body. Their size is medium-large, as they can weigh around 6kg.

It is calm in nature, so it is ideal for small families, and even elderly people , since its fur is one of those that you cannot stop petting, and the gray Angora cat only needs one or two daily brushings.



The Persian cat breed is the fruit of the human being. Since its origins as a breed, back in the year 1800, breeders have tried to make the face increasingly flat, without losing an iota of its elegance. Weighing 7kg, he has long, silky hair.

The Persian has always lived surrounded by noble people, so it is one of the most suitable cats for families who like to enjoy their free time resting. The gray Persian cat loves to be on the sofa all day , although, yes, it is important that it be made to do a little exercise every day to avoid weighing a few extra kilos.

Russian blue


The Russian Blue breed is originally from, of course, Russia. They are medium in size, weighing 5kg, and have a very pretty hair color: bluish gray . Their fur, by the way, can be short or long. He has a muscular body, with large green eyes.

This is an animal that will enjoy always being surrounded by loved ones, as it is very, very affectionate. He will love spending time playing with the children and / or the grown-ups. And besides, it doesn’t need any special care , apart from a lot of love of course 🙂.


The Carthusian (or Chartreux) cat breed is native to Turkey and Iran, although in the 20th century it became very common in France. It is also one of the oldest known breeds. It is characterized by having short blue-gray hair and green eyes that are distinguished from other races. Its weight is 7.5kg.

His character is very funny and pleasant. He loves to do mischief, but also to give and receive affection. In fact, once it starts purring… it’s hard for it to stop. By the way, you should know that he is a born hunter, so it is highly recommended that you play with him daily so that he can exercise.

Egyptian Mau


The Egyptian Mau breed comes from the Nile Country, Egypt. It is the animal that the ancient Egyptians kept for company , and the one they drew in their wall paintings. It is characterized by having a coat with very dark spots on a light background, which is why it is considered a tabby cat.

The body is long, medium, weighing no more than 5kg. The Egyptian gray tabby cat is very independent and intelligent .

Oriental shorthair


The oriental short-haired breed began to be bred in America in the mid-70s, although it had already existed before, in Thailand, where it originates from. With a medium size, 5.5 kg in weight, he has short hair which can be up to 26 colors, such as cream, white or gray.

The oriental shorthair cat will be the perfect playmate for all members of the family. Give him some toys, and enjoy watching him play.

European Common


My cat keisha

The Common European breed is the breed of street cats , which with luck we can see well cared for in animal shelters or Protectoras. These cats have had a very hard time throughout history, to the point that they were persecuted and burned for believing that they were the transmitters of the plague. Fortunately, times are changing and today more and more people are living in a good home.

If we talk about colors, there are black, tabby, orange, … and of course, gray. They are medium in size, with a maximum weight of 6-7kg, with an athletic and robust body, all combined with a very playful and affectionate character. The European Common can be very social , provided they are socialized at an early age (2-3 months). In addition, he does not have any serious illnesses, beyond those that any other cat may have, such as colds or the flu.

What name I put it?


Do you dare to live with a gray cat? If so, choosing a name for him is not an easy task, so let us help you. Here is a list of names , for both males and females:

Names for gray cats

  • Junsu
  • Fluffy
  • Zape
  • Sky
  • Max
  • Mime

Names for gray cats

  • Lulu
  • Nisca
  • Star
  • Silver
  • Bastet
  • Athena


So far our special of gray cats. What do you think? They are charming animals that only seek one thing: to feel loved and that they really are part of the family. So, with patience and affection, you will surely find your gray cat, the best furry friend . 😉

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