The essential bag for cats ūüźĪ What is it for?

Today you have noticed your cat, and you have seen that it seems to have a bag in its belly. Do you think, has my cat got fat? Will you eat too much?

Many cats have a loose flap of fur found on the belly, located at the back, just in front of the hind legs. You can often see it swaying from side to side when the cat moves. It resembles the loose skin that an overweight person has after losing a significant amount of weight.

Pet owners sometimes attribute it to weight gain, even the fear that the cat has a tumor may arise. However, the primordial bag or belly hanging in cats  can be seen in all shapes and sizes, even in thin cats.

It is clearly visible when the cat is standing on all fours.¬†If you look at the cat’s profile, this anatomical part may seem like an excess of the stomach and, therefore, it makes us believe that the animal is overweight.¬†But it is not like that at all!

The primordial pouch is an¬†¬†essential element of the cat’s anatomy¬†¬†and performs precise functions.

How useful is the primordial bag?

We don’t know for sure, but here are some theories:

Organ protection in case of a fight

If you’ve ever seen cats in a fight, you may have noticed that they often kick each other with their hind legs and strong claws.¬†The abdomen is a very vulnerable area because injuries can cause severe damage to the delicate organs found there.

Help with stretching and movement

Allows the cat to stretch easily when running or jumping . It allows you to stretch your limbs to the maximum when you are in full gear.

The abdomen is a very vulnerable area because injuries can cause severe damage to the delicate organs found there. Having that loose skin provides additional protection during a

Food storage bag

It would also serve as a fat store for when there is a lack of food,  helping feral cats survive cold winters when food is scarce. The ancestors of the cats would have allowed them to fill their stomachs to the maximum since they did not know when they were going to eat again.

Although the primordial pouch doesn’t actually store food, it¬†allows the cat’s belly to expand during feeding and overeating.

Breeds that have a primordial pouch as a breed standard

Several breeds of cats are known for their primordial pouches. Cat breeds that are closer to the wild ancestor than other domestic breeds usually have the primordial pouch as one of the characteristics of their breed.

  • Japanese bobtail.
  • Pixie Bob.
  • Egyptian Mau.

Difference between a primordial bag and an overweight cat

Obesity is a serious and growing problem for house cats, and it is our responsibility to keep a close eye on our cats to make sure they don’t get too fat.¬†To differentiate between a harmless primal pouch and the consequences of an obese cat, we can do the following:

  • The primordial pouch is just a loose flap of fur,and you may notice¬†it swaying back¬†and forth when a cat is coming towards you.¬†It is located in the lower part of the belly, and if you look down at the cat, it will be difficult to see.
  • The obese cat’s belly has a rounder shape, which¬†does not move from side to sidelike the skin of the primordial pouch does.¬†You should be able to feel the ribs when you run your hands down the cat’s sides, if you can’t, the cat is overweight.

A quick test for a weight problem in a cat is the so-called “rib test”: if a cat’s ribs cannot be felt, the cat is probably overweight;¬†if the ribs are easy to feel, the cat is probably underweight;¬†if the cat’s ribs are barely felt, the cat is probably normal weight.



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