The cuddly Highlander cat

The Highlander is a beautiful and affectionate ball of fur that is capable of conquering the whole family in a matter of a few days. It is an animal that loves to be the center of attention and that they give it a lot of affection, so it is the ideal companion for people who live alone or who want to have a cuddly furry at home.

Although it is a hybrid breed, you should not worry about anything since it is a feline that adapts well to living in a house.

Origin and history of the Highlander

Our protagonist is a feline created in the United States in 1995 , when a cat of the American Curl breed was crossed with a lynx. It is likely that the first litter of kittens were born with the body of the mother but with the character of the father, so as soon as they were old they were crossed with other Curl domestic cat breeds to make them more docile.

Ten years later, in 2005, the TICA registered this breed in the New Preliminary Breeds category.

Physical characteristics

This cat is a large feline: the male weighs from 6 to 9kg and the female from 4 to 6kg . It has a muscular and elongated body, covered by a coat of hair that can be long or short and of any color. The head is of medium size, with the eyes also medium with an oval shape. The ears are large and curly, typical of the American Curl.

The legs are well proportioned with the rest of the body; the rear ones a little longer than the front ones. The tail is thin and short, five centimeters long.

Highlander behavior and personality

It is a feline, simply adorable. He is very sweet, kind, playful, curious and loves to spend as much time as possible with humans . What’s more, it can even be friends with both children and other animals. It is important to note that he cannot bear spending time alone, so it is necessary that he always have someone by his side.




It has to feed on meat (be it red or blue), being a carnivorous animal. For this reason, it is highly advisable to avoid giving feed rich in cereals, since although they are very cheap, they will not provide all the nutrients that you really need. Among the most advisable brands are Applaws, Orijen, Acana, or True Instinct High Meat among others.

Good alternatives to feed are the Yum Diet, and the Barf Diet. The latter is undoubtedly the best, as long as the advice of a professional in feline feeding is followed. And it is that, if it lacks some nutrient, the health of the feline could be in serious danger.


  • Hair: if we take into account that it is short, and that it is also in charge of keeping it always clean, you only have to brush it every day.
  • Teeth: from puppyhood it is advisable to get used to brushing teeth, since this way they will last much longer.
  • Eyes: if you see that they have crusts, you have to remove them with gauze.
  • Ears: examine them from time to time, and if you see that they are accumulating a lot of wax, clean them with specific drops that the vet tells you.


His health is good, although you will have to take him to be examined if you see that he suddenly begins to eat less than usual, has a fever, or you suspect that he is not well . In addition, you must also take it to get the mandatory vaccines during the first year of life, as well as the annual booster shots; the microchip must also be implanted.

Affection and company


Affection and company are something that should not be missing any day . That is why it is so important to think very well if you are going to be able to take care of a Highlander cat, because if it turns out later that it is not like that, the animal will have the worst time.

If you are determined and willing to take care of him, we are sure that sooner or later you will make him become your new best four-legged friend.

How much does a Highlander cat cost?


If you dream of living with a beautiful Highlander cat, look for the cattery that seems serious and gives you confidence. Don’t be in too much of a hurry. When you find one, spend time with the kittens, ask questions that may arise, and as soon as you are clear, buy the puppy that has conquered your heart. The price is 800-1000 euros .

Another option is to get it at a pet store, where the price will be lower. But you have to know that buying it there has disadvantages, since for example you will not be able to meet the kitten’s parents or anything about his health.

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