The common European cat Breed

Considered as great companions, it is common to come across these cats in the home of relatives, friends or on the street, as they are one of the most widespread breeds in cities throughout Europe.

However, they have a great capacity to adapt, so they can also accommodate living in the country or in a villa on the outskirts. Discover the reasons why the European Common Cat can be such a faithful and affectionate colleague.

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Characteristics of the European Common Cat


  • Origin Europe
  • Medium size / muscular without being burly
  • Weight from 3 to 6 kg males and females
  • Short, silky and fine hair. Black, white or orange color / Two-color with the combination of black and white or orange and white. Also appears brindle or marbled (Tabby)
  • Roundhead / have a face with wide cheeks
  • Medium-sized and rounded ears
  • Rounded eyes that are blue, yellow, or green, which is the most common
  • Medium and thick tail / Tapers towards the tip
  • Estimated longevity of 12 to 15 years
  • Difficulty taking care of it low

Character and behavior of the European common cat

The common European cat has a great attachment to his family, but without losing his independence and his hunting instinct. His behavior will depend, to a large extent, on the relationship with the people with whom he shares his life: if you fill him with pampering from an early age, he will be a very affectionate cat. One of his favorite habits is to sleep in the bed of his favorite human, especially in winter, when you will find him every morning under your duvet.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that they can become very territorial if they are not properly socialized from puppies. In these cases, it will be difficult for them to assimilate the arrival of new members to the family, whether they are canines, felines and even babies. With strangers they tend to be suspicious or shy.

Like all cats, the specimens of this breed love to play and when young they show great agility when it comes to having fun. They have great intelligence, which makes it easy to teach them the basic rules of coexistence. If you are firm, it won’t take long for him to learn not to tear the sofa and to use his litter box. They are kittens that really enjoy grooming and can spend long hours preening.

Care required by the common European cat

Beyond a comfortable bed, water and food, these cats do not require too much special care. His hair is short and does not need frequent brushing. Up- to-date vaccinations and routine vet visits will ensure that his health does not suffer.

Like all felines, the European Common Cat needs a daily dose of activity so that it is not tempted to spend long hours lying down. This is one of your favorite hobbies, but it can lead to being overweight . Today there are many types of toys for felines, such as balls or stuffed animals that will distract you; Also try to get a scraper, essential so that you do not sharpen your nails on chairs or on the carpet.

  • How to make a homemade scraper

Their instinct for adventure will soon be aroused: around six months they already feel the need to go for walks outside. Neutering them is a good solution to avoid the risks associated with exits, such as territorial fights in males or unwanted pregnancies in females. The cats of this variety are characterized by being very fertile, so you should pay attention if you do not want to meet a litter on the way.

European shorthair cat health

A well cared for European Common Cat living in a house can live up to 20 years . It is a breed that does not tend to have congenital diseases, although they tend to show a high incidence of conditions in their urinary tract.

To this is added that, due to their natural inclination to cleanliness, they form many hairballs, which causes gastrointestinal ailments. Other conditions that occur with some frequency in this type of cat are colds, episodes of otitis, conjunctivitis and allergies.

History of the breed and fun facts

It is speculated that the origin of the European Common Cat dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the breed is also known as Roman . The first specimens would have descended from a cross between the African Wildcat, called Felix Líbyca, and the European wildcat.

The Romans appreciated its effectiveness in keeping the proliferation of rats at bay in cities. This made this class of kittens accompany them in their expansion throughout the European territory.

The Middle Ages were not a very kind time for them, as they were often associated with the Devil or witches. In countries like England or France dozens of kittens were used to slaughter in public squares. The consequences of this persecution was the proliferation of rodents and their associated diseases. The plague ravaged Europe and made clear the important role that cats played in pest control.

The official recognition of the breed came in 1982, when the International Feline Federation officially established this variety as “European Common Cat” or “European Shorthair”. Since then, there are many of us who share our lives with them.


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